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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I do believe Katsav's son. The more I find out about the Vatican scam, the more I think a WITCH HUNT is being perpetrated against Katsav, for the express purpose of SHUTTING HIT UP. Remember when he threatened to TELL ALL, and we would be horrified?

09:10 , 03.12.09

Katsav's son: Police terrorized our defense witnesses

In Yedioth Ahronoth article, Noam Katsav says investigators 'repeatedly put words in the mouth of complainant A so that her version would coincide with their rape theory'

"The most important lesson that I've learned from this process is that one should never trust Israel's law enforcement agencies - don't believe the police or the State Prosecution, and above all, never hang your hopes on the attorney general (Menachem Mazuz)," said the son of former President Moshe Katsav.

'Day of Celebration'
Women's groups hail Katsav indictment
Israeli women's organizations praise AG's decision to charge former president with rape in case of A. of Tourism Ministry. 'This is a day of celebration not only for Israeli society but for the notion of justice and the rule of law, says WIZO chairwoman

On Sunday Mazuz and State Prosecutor Moshe Lador announced that the State will be filing rape charges against Katsav in the case of complainant A, a former Tourism Ministry employee.

Katsav's son Noam told Yedioth Ahronoth "over the course of the past 32 months we've (Katsav family) learned so much about ourselves, our friends and the Israeli society, which considers itself enlightened, democratic and just. My father's rights, both as a human being and as a suspect, were trampled on every hour of every day."

In the article, published Thursday, Noam Katsav directed most of his criticism at the attorney general. "He did not prevent police from leaking details of the investigation to the press, and to the best of my knowledge he gave anonymous interviews throughout the entire probe.

"The investigators terrorized our defense witnesses, falsified testimonies and ignored substantial evidence," he said. "They repeatedly put words in the mouth of complainant A so that her version would coincide with their rape theory. And worst of all, the prosecution lied to the Supreme Court. After all this, how can we not feel that a great injustice has befallen us?"

'Pain of our humiliation'

The future indictment against the former president will also include counts of forceful indecent act and obstruction of justice, as well as various sexual harassment charges pertaining to a number of female employees who worked alongside Katsav over the years, both in the Tourism Ministry and during his tenure as president.

Katsav was supposed to sign a plea bargain in the case in April, but decided to renege on it in the last minute. The State then pulled the original indictment, criticized by many as being too lenient, and has been working on an emended indictment since.

As for the upcoming trial, Noam Katsav admitted that the notion of sitting in court in front of dozens of cameras and "jeering women's rights activists" terrified him.

In a plea to Yedioth's readers, the ex-president's son said "When you see us in the news broadcasts or in the papers, know that our frozen glances do not reveal our trembling hands and the pain of our humiliation. Most of all, they do not reveal the sense that a grave injustice has been done to us."

Moshe Katsav is expected to hold a press conference Thursday evening, in which he will respond to the rape charges.

Aviad Glickman contributed to the report


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