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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It seems to me one has to view this price increase in the context of total WATER CAPITULATION ( what's new?) by the government of Israel. Killing agriculture, hurting, dessicating people: JUDEA CAPTA 2009; the SIEGE of Israel by ESAV / AMALEK!

1.First this:

From Barry Chamish:

"In 1994, I interviewed the Israeli negotiator of the Jordan-Israel Water Treaty. He tearfully explained that Israel is going to offer so much of its water for "peace" that the country would desiccate itself with twenty years. Turning back in bitter frustration, the whole story is included in THE conPROMISED LAND."

Also discussed in the radio interview, link below:

2.Then this:

Should Israel keep giving water to neighbors?

Despite drought and impending water crisis, Jewish state continues to uphold agreements according to which it must provide 85 million cubic meters of water to Jordan, West Bank, Gaza, and has even supplied more than required...Israel is required to provide the Palestinians with 28.6 million cubic meters of water per year, with 5 million of them going to the Gaza Strip. In practice however, Israel has given the Palestinians, through direct supply and drilling permits in new wells, over 65 million cubic meters of water – over double the required amount. Israel is required to supply its neighbors with a total of 85 million cubic meters of water per year, but in reality actually transfers some 120 million cubic meters each year. According to the Israel Water Authority, the State will be 80 million cubic meters short of water, even after a number of water-saving steps are taken.

( NB, DS: this doesn't even take into account all the ILLEGAL WELLS being drilled, as well as the WATER BEING DIRECTLY STOLEN FROM US BY ARAB THIEVES HOOKING UP TO OUR SYSTEMS!)

3.Now this:

Treated Water Price Increase to Affect Farming

Adar 22, 5769, 18 March 09 04:51

( Israel's Water Authority steeply raised its tariffs in treated wastewater, used in farming, by 33 percent. The price increase will cause a sharp blow, particularly to growers of crops in orchards and fields, who utilize 62 million cubic meters annually of treated water for irrigation.

The coordinator of water issues for the United Israel Farmers' organization, Yoram Tamari, stated that the heads of the Water Authority are harming the farmers who responded to the national task of using treated water instead of freshwater. He stated that the price increase is particularly harmful during the harsh financial crisis that the farmers are currently facing.

Tamari furthermore stated that the Water Authority's quick implementation of the price increase has not been properly examined from a financial perspective. Tamar stated that the increase in tariffs will reduce the incentive to use treated wastewater, and will cause damage in the long term to the national water industry.:


4. And just as a reminder: see the attached picture:

This was the view in a small "palestinian" village in February, in the middle of the "worst drought in Israel since the beginning of the state" (can also be found on the blog under the caption: Bet Umar thirsty).

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