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Monday, March 30, 2009

It appears the PTB are recently escalating the hate rethoric against settlers: here is the clip. It's pure blood libel.

Zerach replied:

Em boh lehorgecho, hashleim lehorgo

SHmuel commented:

Are we talking about the "1%" of the good israelis involved on that degenerate skit or who are those in Channel #2 that made that filthy garbage?
And then we blame the New York Times for allowing a link to Oliphant? Nuts! 
Those that made it are poisonous anti-Semites, enemies from top to bottom.  And if EL-AL played it they are just about the same.
Yet people STILL pays the AGRAHAT hatelevisia and listens to that element.
You help me figure that one out because I simply cannot fathom what makes us tick.

Carl said:

What do you suggest people do about it?

And W. wrote:

I saw it broadcast originally on TV a month or 2 ago - absolutely awful, and there is a suit being filed, so I read somewhere

DS adds:

I see the actors here, and I am shocked at WHO participated in this mascarade: not some obscure actors and directors here: WE ARE TALKING FAMILIAR, WELL-KNOWN TV PERSONALITIES. I find this even more shocking and alarmin,:THIS IS MAINSTREAM ISRAELI MEDIA, RECOGNIZED BY MOST CITIZENS: it is almost the equivalent of a statement BY THE GOVERNMENT.

It should definitely NOT go unanswered, and should be exposed for the filthy, LITERAL BLOOD LIBEL that it is.

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