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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You wouldn't expect this of me, but I am glad they did: the odor coming out of that place was unbearable. If they hadn't done it, I would have ASKED for it to be gone! Still, the MAYOR should have done it and not the police for political reasons!

Police Destroy Goat Pen on Federman Farm

Adar 7, 5769, 03 March 09 10:29

( Hundreds of police destroyed a goat pen on the property of Noam Federman next to Kiryat Arba on Tuesday morning.

Land of Israel activist Baruch Marzel called the destruction an act of vindictiveness on the part of Hevron area army commander Noam Tivon, whose house has been vandalized and who faces legal action by Federman in the United States over the recent destruction of the Federman family's home on the farm. Marzel called on Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi to fire Tivon, adding that Tivon "is putting politics into the army and destroying it from within."

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