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Monday, March 16, 2009




by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator

Israel's washed-up and quitting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak are ready to vote on releasing hundreds of caught, tried, convicted and jailed Palestinian Muslim Arab Terrorists. Then they can murder again. Olmert has previously released Terrorists who have returned to their practiced lives of Terror.

While the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit is vital to the sensibilities of the nation, can turning these animals loose on the Israeli public serve as a solution?

Should Olmert and his poisonous contingent unleash these killers on the Jewish population then he and his group are conspirators to commit murder. While they, those who release killers, know from experience that the rate of recidivism (return to the crime for which they were imprisoned) is very high.

So, when they knowingly release killers, they become direct collaborators in the murder of Jews. Since those who release killers choose to be accessories to murder, they should be tried and (if found guilty) they should be hanged. Perhaps you think execution is excessive? Well, let's check that out/

Let's say your two sons are hiking around the hills near Hebron. Some Palestinian Muslim Arabs (former prisoners for committing Terrorist acts that killed Jews and maybe even other Muslims) see the boys and bash their heads in, leaving them to rot in a cave. Some things really do happen. The boys were 13.

Let's say your family is having dinner and a Katyusha Rocket comes through your reinforced cement ceiling. Only mother makes it through alive. She was in the kitchen when the warhead exploded. Dead are her husband, her son of 12, and her daughter, age 3. The shooter was one of the Arab Muslims trained by one of the released Terrorists. Some things really do happen.

I live on a small kibbutz. One night three Arab Muslims came through the perimeter fence. One knocked at our door and when I opened it, the Arab Muslim (former Terrorist prisoner) burst through and fired his Kalashnikov. He killed me but my wife hid in the closet with Sarah, our daughter. I am dead and wonder why Mr. Olmert, did you let them out to kill me? Yes, indeed. Some things really do happen.

Dear reader, I haven't reached the torture, the be-heading, the chaining to the radiator in a dank basement. Would you like to know what some Israelis have had to go through at the hands of released Terrorists? But, this is the work of Olmert and his Kadimites.

So, on second thought, why bother with a trial, given that Israeli Judges have sacrificed their honor and ethics long ago? Perhaps, summary execution is best for all concerned - if you agree with poetic license.


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