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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It appears the PTB are recently escalating the hate rethoric against settlers: it is reaching Nazi era pitch. This is usually a prelude to VIOLENCE and ABUSE against us. We should not allow this kind of libel to go unanswered

El-Al Inflight Entertainment Called 'Anti-Semitic'

Nisan 4, 5769, 29 March 09 04:59

( Travelers on Israeli airline El-Al report that its flights now feature a satire about residents of Hevron which many have termed "anti-Semitic." The producers of the film may face libel suits.

The offending skit was aired earlier in the month on the satirical Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Land) show on Channel 2 TV. The popular show has run for six seasons in Israel and is similar to the American program Saturday Night Live.

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