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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There is an article in the JP dealing with the papal visit , written by Matthew Wagner. Talkbacks are supposed to reflect public opinion ;I wrote a comment OPPOSED to the papal visit, and it was rejected. How many more like mine were too? Below

So if you read the talkbacks, you get the impression that the public is overwhelmingly in favor of the pope wearing his cross at the Kotel, and his visit is not being questioned altogether: if anything, we should be feeling grateful for his deigning to grace us with his ( repulsive, DS) presence.

This is a case of crass manipulation of public opinion by the media, specifically by whoever censures the incoming messages. So this is what I wrote to the Jerusalem Post itself , to complain.

I would like to lodge a complaint against the person who is selecting which talkbacks to publish regarding the controversy about the pope and his cross at the Kotel..

I published a comment OPPOSED to the pope's visit altogether, and it was not published. Most of the comments - over 400 altogether! - are very critical of the rabbi at the Wall, and of Jews and Judaism; so it makes it look as though the majority of Jews SUPPORT the pope appearing here with his idolatrous paraphernalia. If the rejection of my comment is any indication, the MAJORITY OF JEWS WHO OPPOSE this CHILLUL HASHEM HAVE BEEN , AND WILL BE SILENCED. I consider this biased support of the Jerusalem Post for desecration of Jerusalem, and unacceptable POLITICAL INTERFERENCE into this HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL topic

Thank you


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