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Sunday, March 1, 2009

THE MUST READ ARTICLE OF THE DAY - SHORT BUT SHOCKING -- YOU NEED TO KNOW- Does Freedom of Religion in America Cover Jihad?

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February 27, 2009

Does Freedom of Religion in America Cover Jihad?

Dave Gaubatz, FSM


[..] I have conducted first-hand research in Islamic Centers throughout Georgia. The Imams in many centers are telling the children to hate America, hate Israel, and to kill anyone who does not adhere to "pure Islam." During the last two weeks I have conducted first-hand research at many Islamic Centers in Tennessee. It's a very, very, dangerous situation. Muslim children are being encouraged by their Islamic leaders (trained in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) to follow Islamic terrorists like Ali Al Timimi (convicted and currently in U.S. prison for advocating terrorism against the U.S.) The Muslim children throughout the U.S. are being encouraged to learn how to use guns, bombs, and other weapons for the sole purpose of being utilized in Jihad Qital (physical Jihad) against their enemies in America.


In Blacksburg, Virginia, there is an Islamic scholar advocating to the students at Virginia Tech to commit treason against the U.S., instill Sharia Law, and to study the works of Islamic terrorists in order to meet these objectives.


How much do Fox, CBS, NBC, or other news (and I say this laughingly) outlets report on these incidents which threaten every child of every race, culture, and religion? Do the law enforcement officers who are our "first-line" defenders respond in force to Islamic Centers who are advocating "sedition" against our country? No. Why not? Simply because if an Islamic scholar tells a Muslim child to kill other students who do not follow "pure Islam," or if the scholar tells husbands to beat their wife, or if the scholar informs Islamic Jihadists in America how to stay current on new weapons technology (such as biological and radioactive weapons) it is considered religious freedom. As an American I do not believe that when anyone tells a child to kill others and to commit treason against our country it is covered under any religion (even if told to the child in an Islamic school).


God help Islam if the best examples they can use as role models are Ahmad Sakr, Siraj Wahhaj, Ali Al Timimi, and Abul Mawdudi.


The following is a statement being streamed through the Internet to Muslims in America:


"You Islam heroes: America is falling down behind the mirage, so hit it with an iron hand so it wakes up from its dream. At last we ask Allah to grant success to the Mujahedeen, to enable them, to grant mercy on their martyrs, to cure their injured, to release their captives, to unify their efforts and enable them to defeat their enemies, Ameen."


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