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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A warning to shoppers!! Please tell your friends/family!!

Thanks for the warning, Judy.

DS comments:

The rabbis ( Rav Kaniefski and Rav Lior, among others) have paskened that it is forbidden to employ Arabs. Yet stores, municipalities, businesses of various kinds,all continue to employ these enemies of ours, with disastrous results.


Judy writes:

This past Thursday evening, Binyamin G., a resident of Gush Etzion, was shopping at the Shivuk HaShikma in the Rav Chen Shopping Center.
It was around 7pm and the store was full of erev Shabbat shoppers.
After he passed the check-out and headed for his car in the parking area, he noticed with shock that the shopping-cart key, attached to his key chain (along with the other keys on the chain)was
NOT in the cart. 
The key chain carried his car keys, his home keys, his mailbox key, the key to his parents house and so on. 
He raced to see if his car was parked where he had left it in the lot, navigating the heavy shopping cart with the week's groceries.  It was there, but he noticed the
two cellphones were missing and the doors were unlocked.
The next three hours Binyamin spent with the managers in an attempt to search for the guilty party.  A number of calls were made to the cellphones.  Eventually, an Arab answered.  In the background one could hear the intercom of the store calling for a 'cleanup' in the milk department.  This was evidence that the thief was in the store.  
Clearly, the Arab theif was an employee who easily removed the key from the shopping cart and made an attempt to steal the car.  
He must have failed to correctly click the code.
Binyamin found the keys thrown in one of the trash cans at the entrance to the store (after searching for close to two hours!).
The management didn't close the doors of the store in an attempt to find the thief.
The management didn't call the police.
The cellphones were never found.
Let this be a warning to those of us who opt for these shopping cart keys rather than insert five shekels - 
Let us learn a timely lesson by detaching the car/home keys from the shopping cart key while shopping -
Let us take a moment to seek out the manager to protest the employment of Arabs!!

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