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Friday, July 25, 2008

Very clear , important,- and brief - video that explains how Monsanto is monopolizing food production. " The FUTURE OF FOOD". Also, "FOOD for THOUGHT",another important piece of information,


Did you know that the pesticide
industry bought the seed industry
during the 1990s.

Monsanto and Dow Chemical owns the
future of your food.

Why this is not a good
case you didn't already know.


From Carl

YOU…are the enemy!!!

Every American citizen will awaken today to the news that their governments 'terrorist' list has now grown to include

1 million names
…and most of them are Americans!

These Americans will also awaken to the news that more of their

banks are failing as depositors rush to withdraw their money and that gasoline prices in their country have hit a new record high.

The government-corporate cabals aligned against YOU are opposed to you having this information as it threatens their power to enslave you…and even as these very words are being written, they are more determined than ever to make sure that when all is 'said and done' you will be nothing more than a penniless subject with no power at all to make the choices you now are able to make.

Never forget the words of George Orwell,

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

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