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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Asking the fox to guard the chicken coop: one of the most stupid things I ever heard; who in their right mind would go ask Shimon Peres to help Yesha Jews - like Peres doesn't know what's going on; are these professors retarded, or what??

Peres "Aware of Public Feeling About Halamish Brothers"

7 Tammuz 5768, 10 July 08 01:33

( President Shimon Peres was "open to listen and tried to give a feeling of impartiality," Prof. Eli Pollak of the "Professors' Forum for National and Economic Strength" said Wednesday of the meeting between the President and the forum that took place a day earlier.

The most meaningful news from the meeting, according to Pollak, is that "the President is now aware of the matter of the pardon for the Halamish brothers. The President had not been aware of the feeling among the public that an injustice was perpetrated," he added.

Peres told the professors he would discuss the request for a pardon for the Halamish brothers when the request reaches his desk. "We did not expect more than this answer," Pollak said.

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