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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fwd: meteor

a government-representative came to my apartment Last Year & took our gas-masks..............we are without about you ????..............ET

I'm speaking in Atlanta, GA, Wed. July 23 and Thursday, July 24. Scroll for details.

                                                        METEOR, UFO OVER ISRAEL? NOPE, A FUTURE GAS ATTACK
                                                                                by Barry Chamish

    On the night of July 8, Israelis saw a flashing orange light in the sky. They were told it was a meteor, though a few experts warned them that it couldn't have been.
    On the night of July 8, Iran launched 9 missiles, most capable of hitting Israel. On tv we saw that they were flashing orange in the nighttime sky.
    And duuuh!  Officially, no one in Israel told the truth, that Iran had launched a warning missile over Israel. Read on.
Last update - 21:05 09/07/2008  
Meteor sighting sparks UFO panic in Israel

An unexpected meteor cut through Israel's skyline from east to west Tuesday evening and disappeared shortly after, causing panic throughout central Israel and bafflement among astronomers who failed to predict it...Rafaeli explained that at one point he could no longer see the light that divided the skies. "As I am a man of exact sciences in my professional life, I don't believe in aliens. It is possible that it was a case of a meteor that entered the atmosphere, but it does not appear that way. In any case, it was a beautiful site."

Wed Jul 9, 4:06 PM ET

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran test-fired nine missiles Wednesday, including ones capable of hitting Israel, making a dramatic show of its readiness to strike back if the United States or Israel attacks it over its nuclear program. >

  Wednesday, July 09, 2008 Israel Today Staff>>

Meteor sparks fears of UFO, Iranian missiles in Israel

A relatively large and unexpected meteor streaked across the
sky over central Israel Tuesday evening, sparking widespread fears
that the nation was under attack by Iran, Syria, or perhaps aliens.

The large bright ball and flaming tail were visible around 8
PM and were seen by thousands of Israelis from Jerusalem to Tel
Aviv. As soon as the meteor had disappeared, burned up in earth's
atmosphere, calls to the police began pouring in.

Panic-stricken Israelis were certain that one of Israel's many
regional enemies was finally making good on threats to destroy the
Jewish state.

And further, duuh, Iran is now distributing gas for the heads of Hizbullah's missiles:

FADC: Hand out gas masks immediately
Jul. 15, 2008
Rebecca Anna Stoil , THE JERUSALEM POST

Responding to a report that appeared in the Kuwait-based Al-Siyasa
newspaper, which said Hizbullah was being supplied with chemicals
from North Korea, such as nerve gas or mustard gas, to create rockets
with chemical warheads, Steinitz said, "I cannot exclude this

While the Israeli government had deliberately collected gas masks from the public and refused to distribute new ones:

Israeli civilians are unprepared for nonconventional attacks, warned
prominent members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense
Committee Tuesday afternoon, blasting the defense establishment for
ignoring calls to fix the situation.

Committee chairman MK Tzahi Hanegbi (Kadima) and MK Yuval Steinitz
(Likud), chairman of the Subcomittee for Readiness, held a press
conference during which they called on the government to begin
immediate distribution of gas masks to the public. They complained
that although Steinitz's subcommittee published a report on the
subject a year ago, no steps had been taken to fix the problems.

That's because a real-life Holocaust by gas is being prepared for 6 million Jews of Israel with Israeli government collusion. Duuh!!


I will be in Atlanta, Georgia on July 23 and 24 giving two speeches:

July 23, 7 PM, Anshei Sfard Synagogue, 1324 North Highland Rd. The Vatican's New Crusade Against Jerusalem
July 24, Congregation Bet Jacob, 1855 Lavista Rd.  Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust

For a poster of the events, write me at For information write:  or  Phone Ron at  404 636 4410 or see:

As my readers know, I suddenly have huge personal expenses and I was on my way to Atlanta for business purposes. The lectures were organized at the last moment, so there won't be many books to sell. Your contribution will thus be, your appearance.


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