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Sunday, July 20, 2008

IMPORTANT! Look at this. Now I CANNOT vouch for the veracity of this story. Still, SHOULD something indeed happen to Obama in Israel, we will have been forewarned, and can point the finger where it belongs.

Carl sent this:


What do you think of this?

Published Friday, July 18, 2008 1420 HRS EDT

Bye Bye, Barak

Jewish "Extremist" to be blamed for assassination

Obama "cannot be trusted to defend Israel"

Mossad Op said ready to go. Rumors say Barak Obama will not make it home alive from his present 6 day trip overseas.

Then Carl added:

If "something" should happen to Obama on this trip, and they blame it on the "orthodox Jews", then Israel is in for BIG TIME trouble.  This no doubt would be the Jesuits' blueprint for both problems in Israel and RACE WAR here in the US.  And I fear the American Jews would feel the black and Islamic hands of persecution on a big scale.


This may just be rumor.  Anyway, be praying for your's and others' protection in your homeland.

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