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Friday, July 18, 2008


Uzi ben Avi writes:

As the old Middle Eastern saying goes ,"when the cow stumbles, the butchers run" .

Woe to a nation who has no regard for their citizens' lives and honor. Bring in the boys from Belfast, as clearly they know how to handle the job.

70% of the so called "Jews" living in Israel are clearly impostors, and not from the seed of Yaaqov. IT IS SO CLEAR, that the events THAT HAVE UNFOLDED are A CHILUL HASHEM. Prophecy will be fulfilled, and those nice gentlemen with short hair cuts would have taken out KUNTAR and his bastard off-spring women and children in an instant.

Meanwhile like lambs to slaughter the population awaits the butcher's knife.

May the Living G-D of Yisrael preserve those of the seed of Yaaqov , both in the Land of Yisrael  and in the Galuth.

For G-D and Zion.

May we merit to see G-D's wrath descend on our enemies within and without the House of Yisrael.

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