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Monday, July 28, 2008

Justice, israeli style.

Hevron Hills Jews Warned To Keep Distance from Leftists

25 Tammuz 5768, 28 July 08 02:51

( Southern Hevron Hills Regional Director Tzviki Bar-Chai has warned area residents to keep their distance form leftists and anarchists who increasingly have incited violence. A security report Monday morning stated that extreme left-wing groups have provoked Jewish residents to defend themselves against violence and then face charges of brutality.

Leftists and Arabs earlier this month torched the fields of the hilltop community of Asa-el. The fire reached several feet from one of the homes, and residents caught and beat the arsonist. Leftists complained to police, who arrested all of the men in the community but did not charge the man who set the fire. The residents still are in administrative detention leaving their wives and children alone and unable to travel to work.

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