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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Couldn't agree more, Shifra; the cup of shame and evil of this government is more than full, it is overflowing. And Jews, as usual, do nothing.

Victims of Terror: 'Obscene' Deal Invites More Terror

13 Tammuz 5768, 16 July 08 11:55

( An Israeli charitable organization founded to assist victims of Arab terrorism has condemned the Israeli government's decision to approve the prisoner exchange with Hizbullah.

The Victims of Arab Terror International (VAT) organization "strongly condemns the government of Israel for agreeing to release Samir Kuntar, the bestial child killer and other Arab terrorists with 'blood on their hands.' This obscene exchange with Hizbullah, has, in effect, murdered the Jewish victims twice, and has opened the door for future terrorist attacks by Arab killers, who see that they have nothing to fear in perpetrating these horrendous acts on innocent Israeli men, woman and children," said Shifra Hoffman, founder of VAT.

Hoffman noted that VAT was the only organization that, in the early stages of the abduction ordeal, demanded that the Red Cross locate and visit the captured soldiers to ascertain their condition.

Hoffman added in an interview with INN that in its decision to release the Hizbullah murderers, the Israeli government is acting against the express opposition of military and security experts.

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