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Thursday, July 31, 2008

From Idaho: We have our own bit of problems.

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for this enlightening article. Truly frightening. My thoughts are with you, and WITH EVERY GOOD, GENUINE AMERICAN who is a victim of these brutal forces.

That is why you see that Israel, in particular Jerusalem, is truly the NAVEL of this world. Whatever happens to us, here in Israel, will eventually find its way to you. Unfortunately, we are the proverbial canary in the mine.

Every good person in this world has to fight evil. Thank you for joining in the battle.


We seem to have a state that has erupted into something that has there own agenda.  Much of the public views these actions as a protection of the themselves due to the constant rhetoric given them by the media. 
We had an incident here in Twin Falls, Idaho that has been on my mind for the last week with the police tazing the owner of a bar.  The police come in with aggression and wonder why they get hit and in this case got locked out (obstructing justice).  Anymore, assault is defined as, jerking your arm away from the officer.  All too much of this reeks with the tone of control and all that seems to get notoriety is that, "we can trust the police".
Just a note and my prayers are with Israel and the people. 
Shalom  mark

I. The increasingly harsh, dictatorial attitudes of our local and state police forces toward the average American citizen was fully demonstrated this week.

An alert citizenry can see signs of an approaching dictatorship -- this paradigm shift in police attitudes toward the citizens they are supposed to serve is one of those signs.

NEWS BRIEF: "Cops Tase Barely Conscious Boy With Broken Back 19 Times For 'Non-Compliance' ", Prison Planet, July 29, 2008

"You couldn't make it up if you tried. Police in Ozark, Missouri repeatedly tased a critically injured sixteen year old boy after he 'refused to comply with the officers'. The cops were called to investigate reports of a boy walking along a busy overpass, but when they got there they found young Mace Hutchinson had fallen 30 ft to the ground below, breaking his back and and foot in the process. When he did not co-operate with the cops they pulled out their stun guns and fired them into his body, shocking him up to nineteen times with 50,000 volts."

There is only one word which can describe the attitude which produces such a monstrous act as police shocking a boy with a ruthless taser who has been immobilized with a broken back -- Sadistic!

Of course, this boy could not "comply" with the officer's demands because his back was broken! But, on the other hand, I bet he wasn't "resisting" them either!

Let us return to this story for more information.

"The idea that a boy with a broken back would need to be 'subdued' by a team of cops is not patently ludicrous but also smacks of a desperate attempt to cover up the true events in this case. This is a perfect example of how it has become the norm for cops to react with extreme physical force towards anyone who acts out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever."

Why would these officers hold such an awfully sadistic view of an average American boy? In the last four years of the Bill Clinton Administration, Cutting Edge began to warn that the policy toward state and local governments had changed by directives from the Oval Office. The Federal Government was slowly, but surely, "Federalizing" the police departments of state and local governments.

The Feds began pouring in military equipment, special uniforms for SWAT teams, and of course, specialized training. This training is most often more brutal than anything state and local policemen have ever seen, because it is patterned after military special forces training.

But, in the 12 years since this program developed, the Feds have carefully recruited men who fit a certain type of mental and emotional profile, the kind of men who can be sadistic and brutal to the very American citizen he is supposed to be protecting.

In the planned dictatorship, such brutality on the part of the police forces will be a requirement, as the Federal Government plans to dissolve our precious government, thereby eliminating the liberties and legal protections which our Constitution has always provided. This action will stimulate a reaction on the part of many citizens who will fight to preserve their freedoms.

Brutal measures are being counted upon by Federal authorities to keep this resistance under control. Therefore, the very fact that we are increasingly seeing this type of brutality on the part of our local and state police forces is a very sure sign that the planned dictatorship is closer than most of us would like to admit!

The next time you are stopped by a local or state trooper -- for whatever reason -- be very careful what you say and what you do. The attitude of the policeman facing you may not be the helpful attitude you are used to; in fact, if you say much of anything to him, you may find yourself on the way to jail, as the cop may be using a police-state law granted him by Patriot Acts One or Two, or by any of the hundreds of laws passed to support the Patriot Acts.

Very few American citizens are aware of the danger we are in, right now.


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