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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Re: I don't know how this reached my desk, but it is truly horrible material that you should read; I don't remember seeing such a gruesome report ever ( oh, sorry, yes, I do: terrorist beheadings!) (ADULTS ONLY PLEASE) The FETUS Wholesalers

Jack said:

DS, it's hard to shock me any more. "Shock" indicates a certain amount of surprise and I fairly well informed and not often surprised. This shocks me. Such a thing never even crossed my mind.

And Shmuel said:

It is devastating to read and shocking to comprehend the thing. The depravity of the whole process flies a black flag over the system that allows for that ghastly "business".
Naturally, wholesale abortion eventually provided for a large "business" such as that one.
Terrible, simply terrible.

PS; for those of you who did not read the original article, you can find it at :



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