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Tuesday, July 22, 2008




by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

On July 20th, FOX News broadcast England's Prime Minister Gordon Brown meeting with the President of the "Palestinian Authority" Mahmoud Abbas, with both castigating Israel for not contributing enough for peace. I was reminded of the long term history of both savaging the Jews.

Gee, I can hardly wait for England to join Atlantis at the bottom of the sea. As a prominent Jew-hating nation, hostility to the Jewish nation is to be expected. Sometimes we forget the history and roles certain nations have played in hounding the Jewish people and participating in their deaths.

On July 19th Barry Rubin posted an article which speaks of the Media's fashion to match the Palestinian "Nakba" (Catastrophe) with Israel's founding in 1948. The Arab Muslims fielded seven armies intended to savagely wipe out the new-born State of Israel in 1948. The Arab Muslims ignominiously lost that war which the Arab Muslims called their "Nakba" (Catastrophe). They were assisted in every way possible by the Jew-hating British.


Please remember that the British Lord Balfour had originally written the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to create a Jewish Homeland within their Palestinian Mandate. But, the British government reversed that policy quickly. In March 1921 Winston Churchill (then British Colonial Secretary) endorsed the arrangement that cut off 80% of the Jewish Homeland and gave "Transjordan" to the Hashemite Emir Abdullah bin Al-Hussein which was ratified by the League of Nations on September 11, 1922. His brother Faisal 1 briefly ruled over the newly created independent Arab Kingdom of Syria. (1)

In 1925 King Ali bin al-Hussein, eldest brother of Abdullah and Faisal, lost the throne of the Kingdom of the Hijaz to Abdel Aziz bin Saud. That loss was caused by a partnership between Ibn Saud and followers of the Wahhabi Islamic movement, leading to the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing an end to over 1000 years of Hashemite rule in Mecca. (2)

From then until 1948 the British gave free permission for the Arabs to immigrate in from surrounding Arab countries who were attracted by the work and health opportunities available as the Jews developed the barren country. However, the British kept the Jewish immigration down to 5000 per year, especially during the worst of the Nazi Holocaust when the Jews were desperate to find safe haven.

Think about the British in their 'de facto' collaboration with the Nazi killing machine throughout WW2. The British broke the Nazis' secret code and learned of the daily Jewish genocide, both in the planning and body count but, the British kept silent.

Some defend their actions, claiming that revealing that information would have tipped off the Germans. The facts speak otherwise since there were other leaks of which would have obscured Britain as the source. If one knows the anti-Semitic elite in the British government and Intel Agencies, one would wonder if they were of the same mind-set as Herr Hitler.

Even after the war, the British stopped Jews coming out of the death camps from reaching Israel. They captured Jews at sea and put them into concentration camps on Cyprus.

Strangely, the Brits were seemingly pro-Arab but, that may be because they hated the Jews more. Historians recall about how when the Brits had the Palestinian Mandate and patrolled the area they called the Arabs "Wogs".

If one of the British patrols was shot, the nearest Arab village was leveled by the British as a "lesson". While the outward image of Britain is one of sophistication and a civilized attitude, their history is one of colonization and cruel treatment of anyone they can dominate.

Let's move on.

When the British were forced to leave Israel under pressure, they followed the same anti-Jewish behavior that has been their attitude for years. During their years in control of the area under their Palestinian Mandate, they spent their time harassing the Jewish settlers by attempting to strip them of their minimal arms stockpiles for defense against the marauding Arab Muslims. But they allowed the Arabs to arm without restriction.

Quoting Barry Rubin as follows:

BRIEFLY, THE BRITISH TRIED TO HELP THE ARABS WIN; the Americans to assist them in finding a last-minute way out, and the soon-to-be Israeli Jews were ready to have a Palestinian state alongside Israel if their neighbors had accepted it.

The British government provided money and arms to Arab states (for Egypt 40 warplanes and 300 troop carriers; for Iraq, planes as well as aircraft and antitank guns; for Saudi Arabia, a military training mission) while embargoing them to Israel, tipped off Arabs about the timing of its withdrawals (giving them a head start to seize abandoned installations), subsidized the Arab League, blocked Jewish immigration, and let British officers run Jordan's army in the war against Israel.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Said later said, "It became clear to us that Britain viewed with favor the Arab aims regarding Palestine ."

It's well-known that President Harry Truman supported partition and quickly recognized Israel . But in March 1948 the U.S. government offered the Arab states a serious plan to suspend partition, block a Jewish state, and create a new, long-term trusteeship. They considered but rejected it, even after Washington proposed an international peacekeeping force - including Egyptian troops - to maintain order." (3)

The fact is that neither the Arabs, the Palestinians, the Islamists, the Arabist State Department or the British have given up the idea of subverting and eliminating the Jewish State. While France has been long known as the prostitute of Europe, Britain can claim the crown of being the lead royal pimp.

While we love the English accent and the glitz of the Royal Family, clearly, they have not always behaved as a noble people. They have been self-serving in mean and sneaky ways and not wholly trustworthy. They are bigoted, biased and prejudiced while pretending to be above such lowly behavior.

Their interest in the Arabs is in the oil that lies under the Muslim Arab kingdoms, plus the prospect of selling weapons but they still view the Arab Muslims as "Wogs" (a lowly culture, well beneath the vaunted self-perception of the Brits.)

The simple fact that Israel must recognize is that Britain at its elite leadership level has acted like an anti-Semitic nation, hostile to Israel's existence and pandering to the Arab Muslims for whatever they can get.

As I said in the beginning, I would have no problem in seeing Britain join Atlantis at the bottom of the sea. They are an unworthy people but, of course, they are not alone. Many nations are permanently hooked on the Arab nations for their oil and the cash to buy more Western weapons which they get for their oil treasure.

We already know about Europe as it proceeds in its transition into Eurabia. Now we are concerned that the "Shadow Government" that runs America has joined the British and the Arabs.

Addressing the Knesset in Jerusalem Monday, July 21, British prime minister George Brown said: Iran must ''suspend its nuclear program and accept our offer of negotiations or face growing isolation and the collective response not of one nation but of many nations.'' (4)

In closing, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has declared in a speech to the Israeli Knesset that Britain will always be Israel's friend. (5)

The disinformation poured forth, saying that Britain has been at Israel's side when the Jewish State was in danger. (He neglected to state the danger that comes from Britain and its alliance with Arab oil interests.) He will go on to speak of Israel's lack of jurisdiction to build in East Jerusalem which matched Condoleezza Rice's State Department effort to establish Jerusalem as being a combined capital with the Arab Muslim Palestinians. He also mentioned that training the Palestinian Authority Police will pave the way to peace. Does he mean "peace in our time" as Neville Chamberlain claimed?

As I recall, those PA Police, trained by the American CIA in Jordan, in fact were dedicated terrorists who had betrayed their roles and attacked Jewish soldiers and civilians.

Mr. Brown, you do seem to speak with a forked tongue.

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