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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Israel Relies on U.S.A. For Missile Defense; Obama Promises to "Kill it."

From A.M. Thanks, A.M. , for keeping us updated on this great Soneh Yisrael! ( for those who don't understand Hebrew: Jew hater)/


Obama is about to demonstrate his "great love" for Israel in a tangible way: he has committed himself to cutting off funds for the missile defense programs which are vital to Israel's survival, given the increasing stockpiles of lethal missiles by Hizbollah, Hamas, Iran, and other enemies of the free world.  With a flimsy (and illogical) excuse, will he divert the military funds to his favorite "social" programs such as more free government services for central city, urban minorities?  It's the classical politician's technique to buy future votes at the expense of Israel's survival.  Obama. The more we learn about him, the less likely we are to support him!
OBAMA: I'll Kill It!
Iris.Org.Il   30 July 2008
Defense Minister Ehud Barak has today announced that Israel's greatest security vulnerability will soon be repaired, courtesy of new agreements with America. The Lebanon War provided shocking proof that Israel (and all democracies) are completely vulnerable to missiles that rain down on the country from distant Islamic enemies.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, has vowed to cut off funding for missile defense, because it's "unproven."

This is rather perplexing because Obama has pledged his "great love for Israel" and surely he knows that "if you love someone you know what hurts him."

Every Israeli worries that much of Israel will turn into Sderot with the re-opening of hostilities with Hizballah and its estimated stockpile of 40,000 missiles just north of Israel's border, not to mention a rapidly re-arming Hamas.

Leaving considerations of Israel aside, shouldn't Americans care that Obama does not understand that the job of the military is to develop new (and by definition, "unproven") technologies for defending against new forms of attack?

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