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Monday, July 14, 2008

Re: OF COURSE, THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT ARABS ARE N O T FUNDING OBAMA! A.M. How are we to know fact from fiction until the author clarifies the facts? DS). Sorry about this,

DS replied:

Jack, how on earth is somebody supposed to know that an article by a respected name is a fake? Do we now have to question EVERY single article we receive? Who is at fault here? Are you telling me I should question everything coming my way? How often does it happen that an article by a known author is a fake; seriously?

And, all Bill was saying that it is very possible that there is an element of truth to it. It would make sense, after all.

Do YOU verify every single article that crosses your desk? How do you know Carolyn Glick, for instance, wrote what it says she wrote? Or  any other author, for that matter?

A little bit of common sense , here , folks, please.


Jack wrote:

DS, we cannot report something as true simply because we don't know that it is not true. We have no credibility if we do that and we would deserve none. Someone wrote this in the name of Maureen Dowd, who did not write it. But since the truth never fully overtakes the lie, the impression is out there in people's minds. It smells of the dirty tricks of Karl Rove. This is the way of Goebbels and we should have nothing to do with it. What we have learned and has been confirmed by the dissidents who brought down the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Empire is that the thing most subversive of tyranny is truth. That should be our weapon, not falsehood.




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