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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Re: Excellent comment, by Edith.

It is slowly but surely sinking into the Jewish people's minds, real JEWS that is, the terrible reality that the Oslo unJews inserted into our Land and folk.
The insidious campaign against the JEWISH nature of the state and against our National Heritage is coming to a ghastly end.
Importing Arafat and arming his murderous hordes were the start but the monstrous trail continued under different repackaged names but by the same unJews.
My forecast is that there will be an irrational attack on Iran to cover up some of the horrors by that folk.
And again thousands of our best will be exposed while no conclusive results will actually come out of it.
"kadima" and all of those in coalition with that must be rigidly removed and FREE ELECTIONS outside the system built by the unJews. THE PEOPLE must elect a new government system and new people before it is too late.
And late is not far away...

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