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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Re: On a positive note: here are some pictures of our little Gan Eden in Kiryat Arba. Planted from rocks, rubble, and thornbushes; years of good Jewish labor, at the sweat of our brows. ENJOY.

DS replied:

Don't put it down. That is exactly the point I am trying to make: why do you think I live here? The problem is, people don't know how beautiful it is, and all the media  show  always, is destruction, war, conflict..And most residents here live in apartment buildings, so they have no idea about the natural potential of this place.

It is, truly, Gan Eden,( all the way to Adura etc); this whole area is simply exquisite.

You have no poetic sense, and you didn't get at all what I was trying to show .

Your loss.

I hope others appreciate this more than you do.


 Gadi wrote:

Big deal! -- you live and cultivate the good land close to the outlet of Gan-Eden (in the Yitzhak Hall, in the cave of the Patriarch's)!

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