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Friday, July 4, 2008

Penetrating questions, questions,.......WHY DID OLMERT GO TO DIMONA - SECRETLY? Thanks, E. Winston!



by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The secret visit to Dimona by Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is very troubling.(1) I am reminded of when Shimon Peres was made Minister of Energy. I feared he would find a way to cripple the plant, slow down or even stop its function. Worse yet, I feared he would issue orders to halt putting the nuclear warheads on their intended missiles.

I also recall when Mordecai Vanunu ran to the British to disclose whatever he knew about Dimona. There are numerous "Vanunus" in Israel only they are called Leftists.

Why would Olmert, a non-engineer and a dedicated Leftist want to visit Israel's nuclear power facility in secret? Was he to give orders that would cause the plant to be shut down or remove its fissile material to be held under Olmert or DM Ehud Barak's control? Would he be there to report back to the U.S. President George W. Bush and/or Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? And for what purpose?

It's really a shame when we must look at Israel's current leaders as a potential "Fifth Column", traitors and/or whether they may be engaged in treason.

So, let's look a little deeper:

In the last few weeks, Foggy Bottom (slang for U.S. State Department) has been pumping out disinformation through their Media connections that higher fuel costs were because of the "tensions between Israel and Iran". (Note! None of the Media dared to question the extortionate rise in crude oil and natural gas for the last few years by the crude oil suppliers and the multi-national oil processors.

The Bush Administration, with the State Department propagandists leading the charge, need someone to blame and minuscule Israel is to be their designated expendable target.

Israel stands at risk of being obliterated by Iran (so their President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proclaims - loudly and often). But, the Bush-Rice oil clan want Israel to accept her fate without complaining or fighting back. The transfer of blame campaign goes something like this:

First, the idea must be floated that the Arab Muslim oil nations, including Iran, would be appeased and pacified IF Israel's security were made vulnerable to Arab and/or Muslim attacks. Next, the American people must be weaned off of their genuine support for the Jewish State of Israel and this will be done, in part, by blaming Israel for usurious gas prices. The trick is to protect and the anger against the oil companies and the Saudis who are manipulating the price of crude but, for that you need a fall guy...enter Israel

So, Bush and State send out their hatchet men to chop Israel into digestible bits.

On July 3rd I read an article in the Chicago Tribune by Aamer Madkani of the Trib's Washington bureau quoting Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mullen is quoted as saying a strike on Iran to take out their nuclear weapon potential would be of high risk and could further de-stabilize the region. (Sounds like Neville Chamberlain or the other political elites of Britain and France who chose appeasement of Adolph Hitler, even as German troops were starting their occupation of Europe.)

Here it gets really muddy! The question to be asked is this:

Do Bush, Rice, the Pentagon want to use Israel as a stalking horse (or sacrificial lamb), forcing her into a go-it-alone strike against Iran's nuclear facilities so the U.S. can then employ a follow-on strike as Israel is being hit by a saturation missile attack? (Note! This could come from Iran, Syria, Hezb'Allah and/or Hamas.)

The other side of the coin is:

Do Bush and Rice want to sacrifice Israel totally? Then they can start negotiations with Iran with the idea that the West subdued Israel or allowed Israel to be "wiped off the face of the map" (in Ahmadinejad's ringing declaration) and now Iran and the U.S. can all be pals, continuing to trade Americans' cash for oil.

It must eventually be revealed that without a public admission in order to maintain her deterrent equivocation, it is suspected that Israel has 150 to 200 nuclear warheads as a convincing deterrence.

Some will recall the Madrid Conference of October 30-November 1, 1991 where then Secretary of State James Baker III and his so-called Jew Boys, Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and Daniel Kurtzer jumped from one Arab delegation to another while denying they were playing a role in undercutting PM Shamir and the State of Israel.

I recall how many of us pleaded with Shamir NOT to go into this international Kangaroo Court trap but, he refused, thinking he could stonewall and overcome the world's pressures. I wrote at the time that I thought one of the Arab delegates would be primed to spring the trap of demanding that the Middle East would be made a nuclear-free zone.

Read that to mean that Baker and the Arabs wanted Israel to be stripped of her nuclear deterrence so she would have to face her hostile Muslim Arab enemy armies with only conventional weapons. As I suspected, toward the end of this International Conference, the Egyptian delegate took the floor with well-coached language, recommending that the region be made a nuclear-free zone. Baker's Jew Boys did the job they were hired for.

Gee! Gosh! Golly! One would think that Baker's Boys had written the script for Egypt.

Let's go back to the plan of today and Olmert's secret visit to Dimona.

When (not if) Iran becomes nuclear-capable (probably in the very near future), its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said he plans to hit Tel Aviv (G-d forbid). Olmert with Bush and Rice guidance, is NOT supposed to let Israel hit back with nuclear weapons. Is Iran and its oil field to be spared for the greater good of the American, European and Asian oil interests? Is this to be the last act of perfidy by Olmert and Bush before they fade into the future?

Some will recall that Israel's doctrine of appeasement began under George Herbert Walker Bush, along with James Baker, in collusion with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. Prior to that historic time period, Israel was effectively fighting Terror but, all that changed with the first Arafat "intifada" on December 7th 1987. (Note the date - Pearl Harbor Day!)

Remember too that Rabin conveniently left Israel just before the outbreak to visit with George H.W. Bush in Washington while Peres flew to France and England to confer with Mitterrand and Thatcher. We suspect they wanted these world leaders to "pressure" Israel to make big concessions to Arafat. Rabin, Peres and Arafat needed the Arab rioting to convince America, France and England to up the pressure.

Both Rabin and Peres refused to return to Israel as the Arafat "Intifada" ignited and grew. No one investigated whether this "spontaneous" uprising was a staged arrangement between Arafat - who was then suspected to be on the CIA payroll and Rabin-Peres, in order to get America, France and England to press Israel into what eventually became the "secret" Oslo Accords.

Perhaps we may never know about that arranged "Intifada" and what would be viewed as treason but, you never know if one of the culprits will give a deathbed confession to clear his soul.

In conclusion, it looks like Israel is being set up (again) to take the fall for higher oil prices and the (un)necessary war with Iran.

There is one more nagging issue. If Iran does attack Israel, would America attempt to stop a counter-strike retaliation by Israel with nuclear weapons?

One is reminded of the USS Liberty spy ship incident, with the (unconfirmed)report that the USS Jackson, missile launching submarine was floating under the Liberty with order to assist Egypt, if necessary, during the 1967 Six Days War.

But, let's leave that scandal alone - unless that plan becomes active again.


1. "Olmert Visits Dimona Nuclear Site Amid Reports Israel May Attack Iran: State Dept. Denies Report Israel Likely to Attack Iran This Year" by Amos Harel, HA'ARETZ July 2, 2008

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