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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had been missing the writings of Barry Chamish. Today, I was updated, and one of his articles caught my attention: in it he mentions about BUSH being a closet Catholic about to convert. Please read below


Hello, everyone,

If you have been following my blog


since its inception ( Dec. 2007), you will have noticed that one of my first articles had to do with the conversion of Tony Blair to Catholicism, as well as Condoleeza Rice's secret Jesuit leanings .( You can go back and read the articles, they are still there).

So now, it seems that we have one more recruit for the big Catholic splash being worked out all over the world.

To confirm this information, I have posted a link to a Catholic source, which , I believe, has some solid connection to Rome.

I've been staying out of the limelight for a while, out of sheer exhaustion. But events are rapidly unfolding, and I have the need to add my own little grain of salt to the current events, and ask my own pointed questions. Maybe I am seeing connections where there are none, but maybe.....???    .So here we go:

Jerusalem , Tuesday July 22, 2008, Again, major terrorist attack in downtown Jerusalem by an Arab worker. Only by miracle, again, and by the fast action of a Jew from Yesha,  is a much greater disaster averted.

A few days ago, Gordon Brown from Great Britain visiting.

Also, today, Obama visiting. Rumors of a plan by the Mossad to assassinate him and lay the blame on religious Jews to inflame antisemitism. Obama staying at a hotel in the vicinity of the terror attack perpetrated by the Arab.

Shabak head Yuval Diskin "predicting" another attack similar to the last one, three hours before it occurs.

Gag order placed on the identity of the perpetrating terrorist, also an Arab from East Jerusalem with Hamas ties, similar to the attack on Mercaz Harav ,and the previous tractor attack, which the Israeli government FAILED TO PUNISH AS PROMISED, and which were extremely suspect of collusion between the perpetrators and the police, i.e. the Israeli government, i.e. Western foreign governments.

Known collusion between the Shabak and foreign intelligence agencies.

Great pressure on the part of the Western World, GB , US, Europe, to DIVIDE JERUSALEM, mostly for the benefit of the PAPACY AND ROME.

Bush, Blair, Condi, and many others, SECRET AND NOT SO SECRET AGENTS OF THE POPE.

[Today, exact anniversary of the King David Hotel bombing 62 years ago, in which BRITISH citizens were killed by Jews (desire for revenge on the part of Great Britain? Convenient , timely visit by British official several days prior to the attack?? Did Gordon Brown meet with Hamas? Was there even a need to do so? Only speculating)]

Was there complicity of the secret services and the Shabak in this attack as well???  All for the benefit of the PAPACY AND THE DIVISION OF JERUSALEM?


Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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