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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Obama info: 1.birth certificate is a fake...If true, explosive to the umptieth degree........ also, 2. see separate, attached damning documentation ... DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE, PLEASE!

Received from Steve; thank you

The Expert Says It's a Fake
The Lekarev Report – July 21, 2008

Barack Obama may be on a world tour surrounded by a fawning media, but yesterday an expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed report on the purported birth certificate -- actually a "Certification of Live Birth" or COLB -- claimed as genuine by his campaign. The expert concludes with 100% certainty that it is a crudely forged fake: "a horribly forgery," according to the analysis published on the popular right-wing Atlas Shrugs blog.

The purported birth certificate was published by the left wing Daily Kos blog on June 12 in response to unconfirmed reports that Obama was not in fact born in the United States (Canada and Kenya were suggested as the possible locations of his actual birth). Since he would in that case not be a natural born US citizen (his mother was not present in the US sufficiently long as an adult to pass American citizenship on to him automatically), he would not be eligible to be president.  Israel Insider has followed the story and uncovered evidence, most recently, of admitted forgery among Daily Kos bloggers, tolerance of electronic forgeries on the blog site, as well as efforts by a blog administrator to conceal the admission of forgery.

The latest examinaton of the purported documents is by far the most detailed and technically sophisticated to date.

Atlas Shrugs publisher Pamela Geller reports that the expert analyst, who goes by the screen name "Techdude", is "an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Information Systems Forensics Association -- the list goes on. He also a board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator.  He has been performing computer-based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then."

The pseudonym was apparently inadequate to prevent Techdude's identity from being exposed. He reports that last week one or more persons "decided to track me down and vandalize my car and hang a dead mutilated rabbit from my front door in a lame attempt to intimidate me from proceeding with releasing any details of my analysis. They did succeed in delaying the report by a few days but instead of deterring him they really angered him.  To their credit, he says, the extra days enabled him to locate the most damning piece of evidence,  the remnants of the previous security border."

Techdude's detailed report, which runs more than 3000 words and 20 pages with extensive magnified illustrations and comparisons, reaches the following conclusion about the documented that was first published on the Daily Kos extreme left-wing blog and subsequently publicly endorsed by the Obama campaign, both in statements by official spokesmen, and featured on its "Fight the Smears" website.  Here are some of conclusions:

"The (Daily) KOS image security border pattern does not match any known specimen from any known year. It does not match the pre-2006 nor does it match the post-2006 certificate patterns. The placement of the text in all of the pre-2006 and post-2006 certificates are almost identical pixel location matches while the image's text placement does not match any known specimen from any known year. The shape and kerning of the fonts used in the 2006 through 2008 certificates are identical while the shape and kerning of the fonts used in the image does not match any known specimen. The KOS image shows clear signs of tampering such as the mismatch in RGB and error levels, visible indications of the previous location of the erased security border, easily detectable patterns of repeating flaws around the new security border, EXIF data that says the image was last saved with Photoshop CS3 for Macintosh, and finally a technician from Hawaii who confirms it just looks wrong."

The evidence, he says, allows for two possible scenarios by which the document was fabricated:

"There are two obvious scenarios used to create the image that can be ascertained from evidence. Either a real COLB was scanned into Photoshop and digitally edited or a real COLB was first scanned to obtain the graphic layout then blanked by soaking the document in solvent to remove the toner. After rescanning the blank page to a separate image the graphics from the previously obtained scan could then be easily applied to the blank scan after some editing and rebuilding. It would also explain why date stamp bleeds through the paper and the various bits of toner located around the image as well as the remnants of the previous location of a security border."

After more than a month of controversy and demands that the Obama campaign produce a paper birth certificate for analysis, this damning new evidence raises the stakes for the democratic party and its front-runner.

Will Obama and his people continue to stonewall in the facing of the mounting evidence of forgery, and provide paper proof of an authentic, original birth certificate or even a genuine secondary Certificate of Live Birth? And will the mass media and mainstream pundits, which so far have hesitated to touch the hot potato, finally address the loaded issue of his possible unfitness to meet the basic Constitutional requirement for a President?

Perhaps the outspoken Israeli press corps will be able to do what their  American counterparts have failed to do so far. Obama's visit this week to Israel will be an opportunity to begin asking the tough questions, however unpolitically correct, about his apparently forged birth certificate and what that means for his citizenship status and Constitutional fitness to be the next leader of the free world.

Dear DS

- I hope you can use this data.  I've become very alarmed by all that surrounds Obama.  .....  I hope you can pass this information along.  It is all referenced.  It is all true.  Obama supporters seem to be willing to look past his past, saying when he says, I made a mistake, Amen – I make mistakes too.  How good of him to own up to his poor judgement.  Then they increase their support for him. 


His friends were politically chosen and bode badly for a democratic America.  When he spoke, as he did in the opening address of the 2004 Democratic Convention, of his Muslim Brothers, few noticed.


When Rezko's loans and intervention enabled this US Senator operating on a Senate salary combined with an additional $300,000 salary from his wife, t buy a $14 million dollar home, one needs to look at those figures a little more closely.


When he travels to Israel and the Middle East with Sen Hagel, one of the few virulently anti-Israel Senators, we need to notice this.  When he appoints to his staff advisors who believe that peace in the middle east can be achieved if Israel were to give up their nuclear capabilities.


When he creates a foreign advisory staff from a series of democrats who are decidedly outspoken on reducing the size of the US military expense, reducing our territorial rights in International waters, desireous of curtailing CIA operations etcc we must wonder why we ended up with such flawed intelligence today.


But his mistakes were not momentary lapses in judgment, they were considered and heartfelt positions.  He has no experience in the Senate to point to – except the one bill I've attached on Global Poverty.  His solution of what is a noble cause is the most frightening thing he has done to date – making the future of America subject to the dictates of the United Nations in legal and environmental areas, creating an uber-nation, the United Nations, a group controlled by the Muslim nations.  This is no 'lapse' of judgment we can afford to risk.  Once in place, on the march to globalization, all the free world would exist at the behest of the Muslims.   This would not be another Obama lapse of judgment we could afford to shrug off.  Obama is a very poor choice for President    Janet



LISTENING TO OBAMA:  Sometimes what we are looking for is right under our nose.  Barack Hussein Obama laid out his manifesto four years ago.

"If there's an Arab American family being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due process, that threatens my civil liberties. It's that fundamental belief – I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper – that makes this country work. It's what allows us to pursue our individual dreams, yet still come together as a single American family. 'E pluribus unum.' Out of many, one."
- Barack Obama's Keynote Address at Democratic Convention

READING OBAMA: According to Obama's Dreams, when the Ivy Leaguer first met Wright, he interrogated the minister about whether Trinity wasn't too bourgeois for him.  You have only to read and listen to Obama to know Obama.  Wright has been saying anti-American and anti-white things to all and sundry at least since his 1984 trip to Libya with Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan to meet arch-terrorist Col. Muammar Kaddafi. That's why Obama picked out Wright's church after one of the many black ministers he knew during his "community organizing" days told him he would be more politically effective if he belonged to a church. Wright's Trinity United megachurch represented for Obama the optimal combination of competitively successful and ideologically radical.


Do I like McCain.  Not particularly, would I vote for McCain over Obama, definitely YES.  Until a month ago when email problems prevented me from sending out my almost daily pro-Israel newsletter, I wrote daily about things that related to Israel.  I've years of research on file dating back to the Washington March in 2002, when I first began my IsraelLives newsletter.



>NY Sun: Obama's Redivided Jerusalem

>WSJ: Hagel to Join Obama on Iraq Trip

>Times of London: Timeline-British billionaire and Barack Obama  The connection between Tony Rezko, Barack Obama, Odinga and Nadhmi Auchi

> Obama's participation in Kenyan politics.  Obama and Odinga's dependence on Quaddafi.  Odinga pact to bring Sharia Law to Kenya  Sources: CBS2 Chicago, BBC, LATimes Blog.  2007 Obama circles the globe on his, first and only until this time, world wide trip stopping only in Muslim countries. 

>June 4, 2008 Rezko convicted.  Should Obama be under some kind of cloud or suspicion of illegal conduct for his association with Rezko. Of course.  Has there been any press coverage of the conclusion of the Rezko case?  Miniscule.  At the very least, It does call his judgment into question, yet again. Obama said just 3 months ago when he sat down with the reporters at the Chicago Sun Times: Is Rezko still a friend?   "Yes,'' Obama said, "with the caveat if it turns out the allegations are true, then he's not who I thought he was, and I'd be very disappointed with that.''   And it's that friendship, Obama said, that probably kept him from realizing it was a mistake to enter into a real estate deal with Rezko.  "Probably because I'd known him for a long time, and he'd acted in an aboveboard manner with me," he said. "And I considered him a friend. ... It's further evidence that I'm not perfect.''  On the question of Obama's judgment regarding Rezko, regarding Rev Wright, regarding Wm Ayers, regarding his cousin Odinga, Edward Said, Rashid Kalidi etcetc, how much 'rope' are we to give this guy?

>Obama – Early Chicago days.

>Obama's advisors

>Obama's 'Global Poverty' Bill s.2433.  Far more than seeking a possible solution to world poverty, this bill will lead directly to the giving over to the UN of the individual powers of nations.   As the UN is now composed, global rule would rest in the hands of the Muslim states.  If this sound maniacal and over reaching, please read the law as proposed and how it automatically links to the UN system, carefully.

>Sharia Law  In a world where there are no truly neutral parties it is best to know what your enemy's goal are.  From my many conversations with people here and in NYC I realize that not 1 in 100 knows what is really at stake should Muslims extend their power.   There are already cities in the US and Europe where pressure is being exerted to apply Sharia law in disputes between parties.  England is contemplating a law that would legalize a lending system structured in a way that Muslims could lend and borrow funds.   


The political nature of nations, states and cities are constantly in flux – the most strident challenges come from the extremes.  I believe Obama is the representative of extreme minds.  Globalism/Internationalism is one extreme.  Marxism/Islamism is another extreme.  Democracy as set forth in our constitution is a middle ground which has served rather well balancing individual rights, states rights and federal rights – certainly better than  Globalism/Internationalism, Marxism/Islamism.




Josh said...

Does anyone know anything about The Lekarev Report?

I am just curious who writes it and why there is never an author with the stories. Perhaps I am just new to this materials, but it seems like some sort of source would be called for unless The Lekarev Report is some sort of respected authority that I am not aware of...

Can anyone set me straight?

Josh said...

Does anyone know anything about The Lekarev Report?

I am just curious who writes it and why there is never an author with the stories. Perhaps I am just new to this materials, but it seems like some sort of source would be called for unless The Lekarev Report is some sort of respected authority that I am not aware of...

Can anyone set me straight?