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Monday, June 8, 2009

Re: Obama's full speech in Cairo:

Carl sent this:

I heard an Arab leader say today that Obama's plan won't even begin to get off the ground until the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved.
And then the supposed "Bin Laden" news: 
Then, this article about Israel's opinion of Obama:
Conclusion:  What do you think this is leading to?  Isn't it obvious?
By the way, I was viewing a special tonight on the History Channel about an organization called IKA - Imperial Knights of America (offshoot of KKK), with one of their main emblems being the Maltese Cross. (So that in itself tells me who is sponsoring this movement). They said that this country (USA)  is getting ready for a great revolution for what is happening at this present time under the leadership of Obama.  They said the "shadow government" of the US was run by the JEWS who were behind the government and the Federal Reserve, and were the main cause of all US problems.  They burned crosses, had giant NAZI signs and even had the little children doing the NAZI salute.  SO IT LOOKS LIKE THE ANTI-SEMITISM SPARKED BY THE POPE IS IN FULL SWING.  ESPECIALLY AFTER OBAMA'S LOVE SPEECH TO THE ARABS.

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