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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Compare and Contrast: CONTEMPT VS SERVILITY

President Obama shows the Prime Minister of Israel the soles of his feet. The White House specifically chose to release this photo of Pres. Obama in conversation with PM Netanyahu:

A. Obama FEET

When meeting the King of Saudi Arabia, however, the head of the greatest world power chooses to bow.

B. Obama BUTT

Juxtaposition of the pictures compliments of Boaz H.

Jack adds:

This photo was released by the White House with the explanation that it was during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Do you remember when an Iraqi threw his shoe at George Bush, who was at the time President of the United States? Why did he throw his shoe and not another object? To show the sole of your shoe to another person is a sign of deep contempt in the Middle East. It is exceedingly insulting.

President Barack Hussein Obama, with his deep Islamic roots, surely knows that. To have chosen this photo of Obama displaying the soles of his shoes while talking to the Israeli Prime Minister, is a clear statement to the Muslim world which the Jews (or at least the Jews of the United States) will not understand. It tells the Muslims quite clearly where Israel stands in Obama’s estimation.

Obama knows that this is an expression of contempt. It was not candid and inadvertent. It was selected for release to the media. He clearly meant it as an expression of contempt.
You should also understand it. Anything he says is an obvious lie.

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