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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Our friend SCOTT JACOBS, of DEMOCAST, recorded this video himself: this is his interview, which can be found on his website, DEMOCAST:

Scott has recorded excellent interviews of a number of famous personalities, and his website is worth visiting.

I have taken the freedom of posting this specific video, since it is available on YOuTUBE. But make sure to watch some of his other interviews and recordings, such as Melanie Phillips, Nonie Darwish, etc. His presentation is also excellent.

It is thanks to Scott that I started putting my postings in a blog format in 2007: he started me on the road to ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES. So , THANK YOU SCOTT!

Meanwhile, on June 21:

Update, posted June 26 by RLF:

The Western Press has already tired of Iran news, it seems. Just yesterday (June 25) a bus full of protesters in Iran was boarded by Arabic speaking Hezbollah "volunteers" who proceeded to murder 45 people by attacking them with hatchets and knives.

This news came out of Iran by text message and was passed alon

Nothing of this was mentioned in US or European newspapers or on the TV or Radio.

At the same time, every time a palestine Arab gets a splinter in his finger, it's front page news all over the West - blaming israel.

I find any double standard interesting and prima facia evidence of bigotry.

The world jumps around and yells about Palestinian Arab suffering, yet murdered Persians is hardly noticed.

The only difference is that one story involves Israel and Jews - and is an opportunity to express anti-Semitism.

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