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Friday, June 19, 2009

Rather uncanny that I should have written a post about Clinton's Freudian SLIP, just as she had ACTUALLY SLIPPED in real life a few hours earlier, and I had no idea. It shows me that HASHEM is directing this blog AND OUR WAR AGAINST ESAV/ AMALEK TOO.

Posted by DS at 1:50 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just about 24 hours later, the information reaches me that she did, actually, SLIP.

New York Times

Clinton Will Undergo Surgery for Broken Elbow

By Mark Landler
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will have to undergo surgery later this week to repair a fractured right elbow, caused when she slipped and fell on her way to a White House meeting on Wednesday evening, the State Department said Thursday...

It is funny that the previous post actually had a cartoon of somebody slipping, very similar to what probably happened to Hillary.

G-d is all-knowing, and we just have to tune in to HIM!


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