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Monday, June 22, 2009

Re: Re: the gay parade in Jerusalem; so , besides a prayer, are we dead?

Hillel Fendel of Arutz7 has the following suggestion:

How about a boycott of Jerusalem that day? No one comes to work - especially not in govt offices - and no one comes to teach or to learn or to buy. 

How do you like the idea? Any way to pass it around, with CLEAR EXPLANATIONS as to why people are not showing up for work?

If you like the idea, please pass it around, and MAKE NOISE ABOUT IT.




1. Aryeh:

Evil gives off a powerful stink. Better to stay away and not have to smell it. The loss of taxes will also be a good punishment of the Government.

2. Baruch:


Not sure. Those of us working in religious institutions {like myself} may want to go to work, and "rally the troops."

Not buying in Jerusalem may also be an option. Shop for Shabbath on Wednesday, or make a point of spending the extra sheqqels to shop that day in your local stores instead of shopping after work in Jerusalem.

Like you implied above, sometimes can only feel protests in their wallets.

Years ago in Chicago, the program of "gay dollars," had a similar effect. Gays stamped the money they spent. So that after a month or so, business owners saw how much money a two income, few or no children home had to throw around. Businesses then started being more "open."

We can do the same in the opposite way, by showing the power of religious sheqqels,...or something like that.

Shmuel :

The people is far from being dead but the media, "political leadership" and a large number of rabbanim spiritually, are.
The unJews have only two things in mind. DESTROY the JEWISH way of life and Heritage and MONEY in their pockets.
A significant number of the "religious leadership" pretend and USE the TORAH as a shield to swindle on behalf of make believe students and their make believe teachers...
That is a deadly combination indeed.

Notice how Olmert's multiple crimes files are quiet?
Notice how Katzav's purported life of degeneracy is diminishing to mundane peccadilloes and also his grotesquely enhanced "files" are quiet?

Who also added:

I have to say that hiding from "the smell" is unlikely to force the stink source to disappear.
The "gay parade" is the ultimate form of unJewish life and as such it must be identified.
Harming the income of the system that supports degenerates is a good idea as well.

Regarding the Chicago idea...
Apparently the trade off resulted on the already stained Chicago fame to end up accepting
filth money propelling a gay supporting moslem into the White House.


S-HALOM uvracha,
I am sending you the segment of "Jewish Activism with Shifra Hoffman "
which is broadcast Sunday on Arutz 7 -3:30 to 4:00 pm, WEEKEND EDITION with Tamar Yonah.
May HAKADOSH BARACHU Bless all our efforts on behalf
of T-ORAH l'Am Yisrael u l'Eretz Yisrael

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