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Thursday, June 25, 2009



To all,

Tonight I was fortunate to go to a very special event, which restored my spirits, savagely beaten by all the problems we are facing, which seem to hit us from all sides: external enemies, overwhelming gay demonstrators , a degenerate Supreme Court, a drought, financial worries... it seems that the list just keeps getting longer and longer.... but tonight revived my spirits.

Yehuda Glick, who was awarded an honorary  "rabbi" title by his cheering fans, is a very special and brave Jew, who in his direct, straightforward and simple way is challenging the authorities, the police, the Supreme Court, the Waqf, and all our enemies, by simply GOING TO HAR HABAYIT EVERY SINGLE DAY TO PRAY MINCHA, and by bringing others to join him on tours on the Temple Mount, wherever it is halachically permissible .

Tonight's event was organized for his sake, to give him support, at the Chazon David synagogue in Kiryat Arba, one of the "outposts" that has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. It was the initiative of Rabbi Dov Lior, from what I understand. Rav Lior is quite an incredible person: in his seventies, vigorous as a young man, active, chief rabbi of Kiryat Arba and a Dayan, he is also heavily involved in the movement to get Jews to go pray in purity at Har Habayit.

So these two giants spoke, in addition to other people also involved in the project. We saw short video segments of these, and other,  brave Jews up on the Temple Mount, PRAYING, believe it or not,-  as though prayer was a crime ; segments of the capture of Har Habayit during the Six Days War were shown, the testimony of a soldier present at the time.

The speakers reminded the audience about the incredible miracle of our generation, that of actually being able to go up there. As they spoke, I could feel the powerful surge of Kedusha that comes from the most holy spot on earth. It was very uplifting and invigorating. The main message was that little by little, Jews are more and more numerous in going up in larger and larger groups; there is a momentum there. It is good to know, when we see the efforts of the nations to separate us from our heart and soul, we see the pope and his helpers trying to steal the place away from us.

The main reason this event was organized is because RABBI GLICK WAS RECENTLY ( during Pessach), TAKEN TO A POLICE STATION, AGAINST ISRAELI LEGAL REGULATIONS,  AND THERE, SEVERELY BEATEN BY THREE THUGS WHO CALL THEMSELVES POLICEMEN ( we have seen plenty of those on TV recently in Tehran), with the express purpose of intimidating Rabbi Glick. But this is a very stubborn, tough, faithful Jew, readheaded like King David, who will not let himself be deterred by anything or anybody, although he confessed to be humbled and worried by those beatings. His wife, who is a lovely woman full of light, was also there, obviously a great source of his strength, as I could tell.

I took a few pictures of Rav Lior speaking, and of Chazon David, but unfortunately my batteries died, the pictures weren't that great, .... but ZE MAH SHE YESH. I am sure the media will have more audio visual recordings of the evening. I just tried to give you a sense of what I felt there. Right now I am unable to upload the pictures, but I will try to do that tomorrow ,or whenever my batteries permit it.

Considering that tomorrow is the gay parade of abomination, it was really important to be reminded of the Kedushah of Har Habayit.

(Tonight is also the 15th yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe,  which also helps in the fight against the forces of evil)

I am planning on going to the prayer at the Kotel tomorrow, Thursday, at 3:00 PM, but I won't fast; I just don't have the energy for a fast in this heat. Then after the prayer, I intend to go demonstrate with signs. Anybody who wishes to do the same, please show up at the Kotel, and then we can go and appear with signs.... wherever.

I hope you show up.

All the best


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