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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just realized: The Catholic Church is using Kishufim, sorcery, again, against AM Yisrael. Add to this the 88 year old rabbi enlisted for this endeavor.... something is mighty fishy in Rome. Going to AQUILA, THE EAGLE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, too.

ENGLISH VERSION OF THE ARTICLE YESTERDAY about the G8. Again, the number 80 figures prominently- interesting. Religious power? Yes, when it is real. When it is a HOAX, or when it is FALSE, or when it is SORCERY,  it is EVIL.

G-8's Religious Leaders Look at Underlying "Power"

Parallel Summit Considers Different Dimension of Same Problems

ROME, JUNE 16, 2009 ( Leading up to the Group of Eight meeting next month in Italy, religious leaders from the eight nations have started their own summit to consider religious dimensions of the same problems to be considered by the G-8.

The July 8-10 G-8 meeting will be held in L'Aquila, Italy. The religious leaders started their own fourth conference today in Rome; it is becoming customary to hold a parallel religious summit to the G-8 meeting.

The more than 80 religious leaders aim to produce a summary document and proposals to present to the host country and the political assembly.

The president of the Italian episcopal conference's ecumenism and interreligious dialogue committee spoke at the presentation of the meeting in the offices of Vatican Radio.

Bishop Vincenzo Paglia explained that "the religious dimension is essential for development, coexistence and for peace among populations."

The two-day summit will take up some of the G-8's main issues for 2009, including the availability of water, the right to food, health, education, peace and security. They will dedicate special attention to Africa and to the situation of the global economy.

"Religious 'power,'" Bishop Paglia said, "is not an exterior 'power,' but rather totally interior because it is based in hearts, in those spiritual forces that lie behind history, but without it, the other powers run the risk of being founded on sand."

The religious summit began with a visit to L'Aquila, which was affected by an earthquake last April. The participants were to be received today by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

His Beatitude Abuna Paulos, patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia, was to inaugurate the event. Other participants include Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Sant'Egidio Community; His Beatitude Aram I, catholicos of Cilicia of the Armenians; the former chief rabbi of the Israeli defense forces, Mordechai Piron; the grand mufti of Sarajevo, Mustafa Ceric; and the president of the Japanese lay Buddhist movement Risshō Kōsei Kai, Nichiko Niwano.

Joel, a Baptist, ( with whom of course I cannot agree regarding calling a Jewish man LORD ), writes:

The Catholic Mass is an idolatrous abomination. They say that in the Cenacle the Lord Jesus first changed the bread and wine into His actual body and blood. So then the Papal Doctrine demands we believe that Jesus changed the unleavened bread into His actual flesh, not a facsimile, but this actual flesh, but outside of His living body. Then we are told to believe that the fruit juice of the grape, which was called wine, was changed into His actual blood, not a facsimile, but His very blood.

These are abominable beliefs, totally devoid of truth according to the New Testament, but then the Papal religion has never revered the Bible as the Word of God. The Lord would not have us to be ignorant, superstitious people, holding to blasphemies that on their face are not true. Catholic doctrine is a body of deadly doctrine and according to its tenents the Papacy put millions of non-Catholic believers to death during centuries of the Inquisition for denying "transubstantiation".

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "hocus pocus". Hocus-pocus has been around since the early 17th century. The Oxford English Dictionary tells of a conjurer called Hocus-Pocus who used the phrase as part of a faux-Latin incantation during his act: "Hocus pocus, tontus talontus, vade celeriter jubeo." It's been plausibly suggested that hocus-pocus is a corruption of the genuine Latin words hoc est enim corpus meum, "for this is my body," spoken during the consecration of the Roman Catholic Mass when the wine and wafer are said to be transformed into the body and blood of Christ. Some experts, presumably non-Catholic, think hocus-pocus itself was then corrupted into the word hoax.

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