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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Received from JON , and from Zerach in NY

Zerach writes:

Its starting

Williamsburg Kids Burned In 'Chemical Attack'

Two Frum children in Williamsburg are recovering from serious facial burns after a group of kids tossed a bottle with a dangerous combination of chemicals at them.

The victims were playing with their friends when the seemingly unprovoked attack took place on Sunday evening.

The group of kids were playing in a courtyard Sunday night when their parents say someone tossed the chemical concoction.

Two kids suffered first- and second-degree burns, and were transported by Hatzolah to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.

Shomrim units (WSPU) canvassed the area along with the NYPD, but no suspects were caught.

The parents feel it could have been a lot worse, and spoke with WABC who posted the following:

"The kids are traumatized," a victim's mother, Hindi Frankle, said.
Pincos and Hindi Frankle spent a long night at Bellevue Hospital, then a good part of Monday at a specialist because of the burns around their son Yakov's eye.

The 10-year-old's emotional scars are even more painful than his physical burns.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid: "Does it feel as bad as it looks?"
Yakov: "Yes."
Hindi: "It burns."

Around 8 p.m. Sunday, Yakov was playing with a group of three or four kids outside their homes on South Eighth Street near Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg.

They say a group of 14 to 16 kids walked past,
and one launched a bottle at them.
"They were playing," Hindi said. "A bottle spun and exploded in front of them. Everyone ran."

Yakov and a 12-year-old girl were both rushed to the hospital for facial burns.

Parents say inside the bottle was a combination of common household items that make a so-called "Drano bomb."

Police sources confirm finding a chemical agent inside the bottle, but do not believe the incident was a hate crime.

Yakov's father say regardless, whoever did this needs to get caught before someone else is hurt seriously.

"We are very surprised," Pincos said. "No one should throw a chemical device at children who are playing.

The families are asking for more police presence in the area.



This is what happens when weak ghetto Jews refuse to defend themselves.


“The families are asking for more police presence in the area.”

“Police protection” is a pipe dream, almost an oxymoron. The police can’t be everywhere all the time and you don’t want to live in a society where that is the case. The solution is that thugs and Jew-haters and the communities they live in have to be afraid to attack Jews. Jewish [mis]leadership hated the JDL and still reviles it and its founder but it was relevant then and it is relevant now. Once that is in place and functioning, intercommunal reconciliation has a role to play, but not before. Learning another blatt Gemarrah is all well and good but will not solve this problem.

Jack continued:

I remember when a mugger shot a Jew dead in front of his house in Brooklyn on Shabbat b/c he had no money to turn over, the rabbis proposed that Jews have a heter to carry $10 for such a case, in the name of pikuahh nefesh – preserving life. So Rav Kahane said publicly that this is stupid. It advertises to every mugger that every Jew has $10 for him and then, what will you give the next mugger? And if you are going to create a heter for a Jew to carry something on Shabbat in case he is confronted by a mugger, make a heter that he can carry a pistol. Of course, the rabbis condemned that as uncivilized and un-Jewish but of course he was right.

The Orthodox day school in Beverly Hills had a fund raising campaign to raise a large amount of money to upgrade the gym and the PE program. I said that all they need is a thousand dollars worth of mats and karate uniforms and let the PE program be teaching the kids to fight. They thought that too was quite terrible and uncivilized. “Öh, no. We don’t do that.” And they mumbled some things about “Paths of peace.” And when things got hot and synagogues suddenly became aware that they needed protection and I said we should have someone come and teach us all how to do it ourselves and get up on the roof ourselves with Uzis, they were the same people who hired the Pinkerton Agency to do the job. I guess that’s the “Jewish way.”

In my opinion, we are missing something.

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