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Friday, June 26, 2009

What do you make of this??? Re: Michael Jackson

Another one of those freaky e-mails I received today from C.

 But why on earth would the CIA be interested in this mega pedophile?

"Russia's FSB Reports Pop Icon Michael Jackson Assassinated By CIA"

But on the other hand, I read THIS on AsiaNews, a reliable website of the Vatican:

Asia mourns for Michael Jackson
The " star of pop music " died last night. A musical genius and a controversial personality, whose life was overtaken by show business. In the end he lived alone and full of debts. A Jehovah's Witnesses, year ago he had converted to Islam. Comments and condolences from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, India, Philippines.

..... It is still not clear the cause of death but some suspect that it was due to stress and diet drugs that the singer was taking prior to a new world tour in July, with which he wished to draw the curtain on his career.

For everyone he was a musical genius who transformed the music of the 80s and 90s into a breathtaking spectacle. His gestures, his style of dance, his way of dressing still influence generations of young people. But his genius was overshadowed by a bizarre way of life and sex scandals: Jackson described himself as a "Peter Pan" (the myth of eternal adolescence, adulthood without responsibility); he preferred to stay in the company of boys, had a chimpanzee as a friend and had a very high, almost feminine, tone of voice.  He had undergone plastic surgery several times to transform his face and (perhaps) lighten his skin.

His fame, his successes also overwhelmed in his life, his two marriages and three children. As a result of being convicted for paedophilia and failing to honour certain contracts, Jackson - who in the end retired, living in silence - had large debts.

From a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, Michael, seventh of 9 children, seems to have become a Muslim last year, changing his name to Mikail.....


Carl says:

Go to:

Apparently Jackson had borrowed millions from [Saudi Arabia][?] on the condition that he would use his concerts to announce the coming genocide to wipe out much of the population in the US and other countries through bio-terrorism using the bird and swine flus which will call for forced vaccinations that lead to the deaths of millions. Apparently, they wanted to keep his mouth shut. DS, you must realize also that the music industry is controlled by the big shots.

Then this from AP:

CAIRO – A Bahraini royal mourned him publicly, young Lebanese held a candlelight tribute, Egyptian musicians hailed him as an inspiration.

Beyond his global reach, Michael Jackson held a special place in the Muslim world, as one of the first major Western entertainers to break through cultural barriers in the 1980s.

Some made a connection with the pop icon because of rumors, never substantiated, that he had converted to Islam. Others embraced him as one of their own after he sought refuge in the Gulf emirate of Bahrain in 2005, following a bruising trial on child molestation charges in the U.S.

"God have mercy on him. He was a Bahraini. He lived with us," said Jassim Ali, 35, shopping for Jackson CDs on Saturday in a music store in the capital, Manama.

Jackson only spent a year in the emirate, as a guest of Sheik Abdulla bin Hamad Isa Al Khalifa, a son of Bahrain's king and an aspiring songwriter who had befriended the entertainer. Jackson kept a low profile there, largely staying close to his host.

After Jackson's departure, the sheik sued Jackson for $7 million, saying he had failed to fulfill a joint music venture, but the two settled in November, with terms not disclosed.

The sheik said Saturday, in a statement in the Gulf Daily News, that "the world has lost a giant in the music industry."

"We are all very saddened by that," Al Khalifa said in comments confirmed by his spokesman.

Across the Arab world, the tributes to Jackson, who died Thursday, mirrored those elsewhere around the globe, though some argued the singer had a special appeal in the region.

"Religion is a big part of identity in this part of the world, and the idea he became Muslim boosted his popularity," said Egyptian cultural critic Tarek el-Shinnawi.

The conversion rumors were fueled, in parts, by comments by Jackson's brother, Jermaine, a convert to Islam, who has said his brother showed interest in the faith. In November, a British tabloid claimed Michael Jackson converted at a friend's home in Los Angeles.

The Jackson brothers were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses.

DS replies:

I have seen a lot of fantasy coming out of the site whatdoesitmean. But I have also seen grains of truth interspersed with fantasy . So you really do have to separate the wheat from the chaff here.

What is NOT FANTASY AT ALL, is the LAWSUIT MENTIONED IN THAT ARTICLE. Please see the post on this blog with title: MAJOR BOMBSHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST Files Charges.....

And by the way, anonymous sent the following:

Jane Burgermeister, the journalist in question, says Michael Jackson was never a supporter of her swine flu campaign,
she's never had a thing to do with MJ on any level, in any way, and she
wonders why Faal is spreading these lies, and wonders who he/she works

And as a last note, this blog by Michael Freund A7:

Michael Jackson the Anti-Semite

While much of the world mourns the untimely death of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, it is worth recalling one of Mr. Jackson's more unfortunate qualities: he was an anti-Semite.

In case you think I am making this up, allow me to refresh your memory.

Back in November 2005, Jackson was caught on tape in a voicemail to one of his former business managers calling Jews "leeches". The tapes were played on ABC's Good Morning America program, and Jackson was heard saying, "They suck…they're like leeches. It's a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose."

And in 1995, Jackson provoked a firestorm of protest when he released an album called HIStory containing a song entitled "They don't care about us" which had the following lyrics: "Jew me, sue me" and "Kick me, kike me". He subsequently promised to re-record the song and delete the offending lyrics.

But then, in February 1996, Jackson nonetheless released a video of the song in which he had re-instated the brazenly anti-Semitic remarks.

So before you go shedding a tear in Michael Jackson's memory, take a moment and consider the hate that he spewed against Jews, both in private and in public.

And then maybe you'll consider saving those tears for someone far more deserving.

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