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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Cuddy is saying in his article about Iran. IMPORTANT!

Explanation by anonymous ( for lazy people like me, who DON'T READ LOOOOONG ARTICLES)

Cuddy is saying (with heavy duty documentation) that these Luciferian Globalists
out to usher in a Socialist World Government need Netanyahu to do the job, the
way they had Nixon do it vis a vis Red China, because "only a conservative can
get the job done". They use the Iranian "threat" to bring Israel to her knees, as
they do with artificial threats all over the world. He says Jews can live in some of
the land West of the Jordan River, but IN NO WAY CAN THEY LIVE IN A JEWISH

Comment by Jack:

Daisy, the article goes way beyond this into the history of the international Power Elite and its goals and machinations of the past century and more. The goal is the establishment of a World Socialist Government, controlled by the international Power Elite, of course, maintaining discipline by crisis instigation and management, pitting peoples against peoples but making sure no one is dominant except for the Power Elite and its World Government. He also documents their vision of “Socialism.” It is classic fascism. There is no need for the government to own the corporations. It is enough that the government control them.

A very important read. Long but very worth the time and effort.

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