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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

THIS is one of the major problems that homosexuals are causing us: INCREASING ANTISEMITISM IN THE WORLD. These Goyim would hate us anyway, but shameless Jews, PRIDE PARADES IN JERUSALEM, cause the hatred to magnify. SHAME ON YOU, ISRAELI GAYS!

Baptists Protest Against Jews and Homosexuals in Kansas

Sivan 30, 5769, 22 June 09 12:21

( A small group of demonstrators in the United States from the Westboro Baptist Church protested Sunday against a Reform synagogue in Kansas which accepts homosexual members. Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, the target of the protests, organized a counter-demonstration calling for tolerance.

Members of the small Baptist group held signs that said, "God Hates Jews" and "God Hates Fags." The protest was nonviolent.

Joel , a Baptist himself, comments:

This same group of so-called Baptists has organized, or attempted to organize demonstations at funerals and internments of GI's and Marines killed in Iraq. They claim that their deaths are the judgments of God on the US. This so-called church is a very small radical group that has engendered the outrage of believers all over the US. Sooner or later the Federal government is going to try to deny them their First Amendment rights and it could just be this kind of "hate crime" against Sodomites and Jews that will provoke the reaction. But that won't be the end of it because the administration is bound to try to silence every congregation that says anything about homosexuals, which means that the Bible cannot be preached. Canada already has very severe laws against any biblical preaching, or teaching against homosexuality.

While another one of our readers said:

Regretfully some of the Jews of sorts seem bent on "accepting" filth of all types as an expression of their "liberalism".
As long as that trash can harm our Heritage, they will stop at nothing.
The same items that accept homosexuals, also accepted Arafat, (of course), the gruesome "peace" gangsters associated with that degenerate and his unJewish "partners". Along the way the unJews will also "accept" every despicable criminal they can possibly associate with and in "politics" they reach for the bottom of the barrel scum as well. All the while assaulting ALL that is Jewish and prominent Jews as well.
Those unJews must be ejected and never again allowed to be part of our people if we intend to be taken seriously at any level.

The battle against our external enemies must start by severing the unJews from power here. Many of them may be exiled or jailed after due process in front of NEWLY ELECTED courts.
That element, the erev rav, the unJews is half the problem at least.

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