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Tuesday, June 23, 2009



ASIA – ITALY06/18/2009
Mystery surrounding 134.5 "fake" billion US dollars seized in Ponte Chiasso remains
After two weeks a US Treasury official says securities were fakes. Italy's financial police is silent. The case is still baffling and full of discrepancies.

Milan (AsiaNews) – US government bonds seized by Italy's financial police (Guardia di Finanza) at Ponte Chiasso, an the Italian town on the border with Switzerland, are "clearly fakes," Stephen Meyerhardt, spokesman for the US Bureau of the Public Debt, is quoted as saying in a news report by the Bloomberg agency. AsiaNews contacted the divisional headquarters of Italy's financial police in Como, which is responsible for Ponte Chiasso, asking for an explanation but none has come forth yet. 
For some days the affair has been in the limelight [1]. Importantly, at the time of the bonds were seized it was not possible to determine whether the US government bonds and US Federal Reserve certificates were real of fakes.
Right after the seizure Colonel Mecarelli, Guardia di Finanza commander in Como, said that for at least some of the securities, especially the 'Kennedy Bonds', there were doubts about their authenticity. As for the others, some were so well made that it was hard to tell them apart from real ones.
The seizure was carried out two weeks ago. The bonds were in the possession of two Oriental-looking individuals in their fifties with Japanese passports. The two men, were travelling from Milan to Chiasso, in Switzerland, on a local train used primarily by Italian workers commuting to-and-fro Switzerland for work.
At the customs office both men said they had nothing to declare but a check by financial police agents revealed a false bottom in their respective suitcases, each containing a fortune in US securities.
Also inside the agents found extensive and detailed original bank documents about the bonds.
If the latter were real the two Asian men had in their possession (although not necessarily in their ownership) a big chunk of the US debt which would have made them the fourth largest creditors of the United Sates.
Despite what US Treasury spokesman Meyerhardt said, and until more information is forthcoming from Italy's financial police in Como for AsiaNews the mystery is still there.
Under Italian law when law enforcement agencies seize fake bonds or counterfeit money they are under the obligation to arrest the bearers. And in order to avoid misappropriation, the agency seizing the material, in this case the financial police, must quickly proceed to its destruction (i.e. incineration).
However, in case of real securities, after the securities holders are identified, the financial police must release them immediately after issuing a statement of confiscation and imposing a fine valued in this case at € 38 billion (US$ 53.4 billion). In this case, why were the two men released right away without any fine imposed?
That is not the only discrepancy. It is not clear how statements by US Treasury spokesman Meyerhardt and Italian financial police can be reconciled. For the former the bonds "are clearly fakes"; for the latter, speaking at the start of this whole affair, some bonds were indistinguishable from the real ones when it comes to quality and detail.
Italy's Guardia di Finanza has a reputation for being a highly specialised and expert financial police agency. How could it be so easily duped! And if the bonds are "clearly fakes" why did it take US authorities two weeks to find out.
Another discrepancy is the fact that, along with the securities, original and recent bank documents were seized as proof of their authenticity.
If what Meyerhardt says is true, some major financial institutions have been deceived by the securities carried by the two Asian men. This would be a bombshell and raise serious questions as to how many bank assets are actually made up of securities that for Meyerhardt are "clearly fakes."
If counterfeit securities of such high quality are in circulation the world's monetary system, let alone that of the United States, is in danger. International trade and exchanges could come to a halt.
Whether it is counterfeit money or money laundering, what happened is potentially more dangerous for the stability of the international system than the results of Iran's elections.
If the bonds are real it means someone with a lot of cash no longer trusts the US dollar as a reserve currency. If this is the case then it would spell the end of the Bretton Woods system and most likely negatively impact world trade.
Unfortunately the international press and main TV networks, with some exceptions, have ignored the whole affair. These days this is actually the real news.
[1] See "US government securities seized from Japanese nationals, not clear whether real or fake," AsiaNews, 8 June 2009, and "Seizure of US government bonds from two Japanese men in Italy raises questions," AsiaNews, 8 June 2009.

And  then there is also this site, which presents it from a totally different angle:

Originally Posted by Ben Fulford
The Japanese arrested in Italy with $134 billion were part of a CIA black-ops

The Japanese citizens arrested in Italy last week carrying bonds worth $134 billion were part of a CIA black-ops linked to the Nazi faction, according to high level intelligence sources. The CIA front behind this operation is known as Mayflower and is linked to a malevolent Chinese faction that wishes to restore dynastic rule in China. One of the Japanese arrested was probably a Mr. Fukushima, who works for the puppet emperor of Japan and the CIA and the Rothschilds. The operation is also linked to former Japanese Prime Minister and Bush slave Junichiro Koizumi as well as the current CIA-bribed traitor Prime Minister Taro Aso. They were hoping to use the money in part to operate a massive psy-ops in Japan designed to keep the current slave government in charge after elections that must be held by September 11th of this year. For the sake of humanity and the planet, they must not be allowed to redeem those bonds. We can also add that as a direct result of these arrests that faction has contacted us and proposed talks in Switzerland. We will accept.

Barry answers:

Answers are all over the net. The mafia laundering notes foreign countries are dumping.

To which DS replies;

AHA! That DOES make a lot of sense: according to what I just read ( MARTIN WEISS, SAFE MONEY REPORT), US long-term bonds are going to lose a huge amount of their value, particularly for foreign owners - higher interest rates, and devaluation of the dollar. So it WOULD make sense that foreign countries would try to get rid of their bonds at any cost. And for the mafia it is a great deal too: see Taipan Daily:

by Justice Litle, Editorial Director, Taipan Publishing Group

“The Mafia isn’t part of the past, it’s part of the future.”
– Roberto Scarpinato, Sicilian prosecutor

Just how heavy is a million dollars cash?

If you’re trying to smuggle that kind of dough in old-school $100 bills, you’ll be lugging a little over 22 pounds. But if you’re rolling with banded, manicured bundles of the highest denomination euro notes (a cool €500), then the same amount only weighs you down by 3.5 pounds – and takes up a lot less space.

This is the kind of thing it’s good to know when you’re in the most profitable business in the world.

Ask a Wall Streeter to name a line of business that produces endless gushers of cash, and big oil probably comes to mind. The oil majors have certainly been known for record-busting profits these past few years. But the mafia’s profits are far bigger.

The mighty Exxon Mobil, for example, booked a profit of a little over $45 billion last year. That’s a whopping $10 billion per quarter or more. And yet, in comparison, the top three organized crime outfits in Italy – just the top three, mind you – more than doubled Exxon’s profit for the same calendar year.

And of course, where Exxon has to pay taxes, the mafia mostly avoids such hassles. So when you take the tax-free aspect into account, the mafia leaves big oil in the dust. And of course, the “big three” in Italy are just the tip of the iceberg. The powerful tentacles of organized crime extend all over the world...

So this is what is being reported.

Now the VATICAN's part is the big question: they are obviously keenly interested in the story. And after you read the numerous reports, which I do not have available here, but which are easy to find, about the TIGHT CONNECTIONS between the MAFIA AND THE VATICAN, things do become a little bit clearer.

I would guess that the pope has quite a few dollars - or is it Euros- to lose in this saga, and is sitting on pins and needles, waiting to see the outcome of the story.


Answer here:


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