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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letter to Netanyahu, by another patriot. Israel has so much creativity, what we need is GUTS! GEVURAH! Jews, stop acting like Galuti Jews, you live here now, you do NOT need to cave in to our enemies, have a little faith!


Hon. Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister

Prime Minister's Office

3 Kaplan Street Qiriyat Ben-Gurion

PO Box 187

Jerusalem, ISRAEL 91919                   


Mr. Prime Minister:


Thank you for standing strong against the two state "solution." By all means do not falter.


President Obama's Cairo speech has made quite clear that his goal is to weaken Israel to the point that it crumbles and is overrun, God forbid. He has adopted the Arab historical revision in its entirety delegitimating the presence of Jews in this land and justifying Arab belligerence. The end of the road is not shown on the Roadmap but we know it ends at Auschwitz II.


You surely know that American policy toward the Zionist enterprise has been unchanged since the Balfour Declaration: strong public declarations of support and even demonstrations of unstinting support, coupled with behind-the-scenes duplicity and even treachery. (This is set forth in detail with copious citations by Prof. Francisco Gil-White at in Is the US an ally of Israel? A chronological look at the evidence.) Obama has made it clear that the American national interest does not include a strong Israel. He is very skilled at pandering, however. He mouthed the magic words "unbreakable bond" even as he was rending them asunder by positioning Israel as the enemy, comparable to the American slave holders and the Jim Crow racists.


Israel should accept the estrangement. The alternative is loss of honor and ultimately loss of our land, God forbid. Israel also has interests, vital interests. And they cannot be made to conform to the American interests as the State Department has always viewed them. There are at least two alternative courses of action.


One is to freeze all construction in Judea and Samaria, both Jewish and Arab. The last binding legal document concerning our rights and status here is the League of Nations Mandate, which recognizes us as the long exiled indigenous inhabitants, mandates turning this into the national home for the Jewish people and launching our independent state. That, after all, was the underlying purpose of all League mandates. Only the lunatic Osloid fringe agrees that we should surrender that for less than real peace. To freeze Jewish building and not Arab building is to surrender our rights a priori.


The second is to go our separate way, evict the US military from its base in Israel and end US training of "Palestinian" terrorists, who General Dayton himself states will use their training to kill us. The media will vilify you hysterically but if the people understand what Obama has done, they will follow you.


Israel does not have to accede. Israel is not without alternatives or without recourse. Israel is able to go it alone, against the will of the USA, against the will of the "Quartet", the UN and the Arab League. There are several powerful tools in Israel's hands starting with Israeli military technology. Not many people realize that Israel is the country of innovation in hi-tech munitions and in asymmetrical warfare. Israel is practically in a position to embargo hi-tech weaponry from any country in the world, including the US. Israel's military technology is very advanced and many of Israel's technologies and products are unique and superior. The world will not likely boycott them. In fact, the US recently agreed to sell Egypt twelve Apache helicopter gunships but refused to sell Israel six because of injury to civilians in Gaza. I am not sure President Obama realizes that all the avionics in the Apache are Israeli. If Israel were to respond in kind, what would the US deliver to Egypt? Embargoes cut two ways.


Withstanding international pressures. Israel need not fear international pressure, even boycotts and sanctions. There are too many other countries in positions similar to Israel's with regard to Moslem minorities and external defense to isolate Israel for long. India, for one, has growing and developing ties with Israel owing in part to the fact that its history of appeasement of its Moslem minority has not bought it peace and security. It has need of technology sharing and joint projects with Israel and that would likely continue despite international sanctions. China and Japan have found collaboration with Israel very productive for other reasons having to do with the capacity of Israelis for divergent thinking.


An Israel-India Axis. President Obama, in his arrogance, has hectored not only Israel to surrender to Islamic demands, but also India, whom he told that the reason they do not have peace with Pakistan is because India has not surrendered Kashmir. This he could actually say when Pakistan is in grave danger of being taken over by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.


In fact, Israel and India are natural allies in many ways and complementary to each other in many ways. The combined resources, brain power, technology and manufacturing capacity would be formidable from the outset. We propose that ties with India be pursued with utmost urgency and that Israeli foreign policy be reoriented immediately to make India the central point, immediately replacing the US and Europe.


Additional states. There are other states that President Obama has already alienated which could be brought into such a grouping. Colombia, with the assistance of Israeli military advisors, is near to victory against Marxist rebels. They have found that President Obama's emissaries have been in contact with the rebels with a view to actually taking their side. Colombia has reason to reduce its dependence on the US. Almost the same story is taking place in Sri Lanka.


Strategic cooperation with India. Within the immediate horizons, Israel and India might do something of utmost importance together. I refer to the twin threats of Iranian nuclear weapons and Pakistani nuclear weapons. If Israel and India help each other, it might be possible to eliminate both. To fly from India might not bring Israel closer to the Iranian nuclear plants but it would have the advantage of not having to cross airspace under American control.


Nor is it necessary to destroy the nuclear facilities themselves. The nuclear facilities cannot function if the infrastructure is knocked out. They are useless without electricity and water and raw materials. I do not know enough to say whether Israel has a good possibility of destroying or disrupting the nuclear facilities but Israel can certainly cripple Iran's infrastructure.


Of course, the world would be outraged and might even apply serious sanctions against Israel and India. We could withstand those, both Israel and India. It would require considerable economic reorientation and restructuring but it is high time that took place anyway. Both countries would emerge stronger, more independent and more democratic for having done so.


Would Iran retaliate with tens of thousands of missiles from Lebanon, Gaza and Syria? Maybe, but that can be stopped the same way as Iran, followed by a ground assault that should not stop until the enemy is destroyed.


In sum, Israel can expect to meet concerted opposition from the world to these measures. Israel can be expected to be condemned, vilified and loathed. Israel can even expect that there might be sanctions imposed. On the other hand, submission and obsequiousness and "goodwill gestures," "confidence building measures," territorial concessions and unconditional unilateral withdrawal from Southern Lebanon and Gaza and restraint have gotten us nothing but condemnation, vilification and loathing, deligitimation and calls for our destruction when we defended ourselves. As long as we are still alive, more concessions will be demanded of us. In contrast, Israeli and Jewish prestige and acceptance were never higher than following the Six-Day War when the nations feared and respected Israel.


Israel does not have to grovel before the Powers That Be. If we only make our best efforts and have faith in Hashem, we will be shown what we need to know and we will be given the right tools to win. Rumor has it that the Lubavitcher Rebbe (zt"l) told you that you can be the last Prime Minister before משיח, the Prime Minister who will have the great merit to turn over the keys to him. You have an extraordinary guide, nothing less than a prophet of God. Follow his advice.


Not for nothing are we known as עברים. We have the ability, inherited from our father, Avraham, לעמוד מעבר לכל העלום, עם כל העולם בצד אחד ואנחנו בצד השני. Stand firm. חזק ואמץ!


                                                                                              Very truly yours,


                                                                                       Professor of Law (Emer.)


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