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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fascinating information below: Barry's latest column, AVRO,with my own, not so familiar and hopefully enlightening, comments and additions.


Hello to all,

Barry wrote this powerful column, AVRO, which I am sharing with you right now, about the atrocities committed by the Vatican during WWII in Croatia. Those were recorded by Avro Manhattan in his book, The Vatican''s Holocaust. Truthfully I knew nothing about Avro until Barry opened my eyes to this author, but since then, a couple of days ago, I did post a link to Avro's online book, in case you are not able to buy or receive the hard copy. The link to the online FREE edition, again, is:

In addition to the issue of Avro, Barry also mentions the link between Spain and Saudi Arabia. Yes, it is true, Spain and Saudi Arabia do work together.  But I bet you you didn't know about their OTHER link: read below, and see how both of them are KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN FLEECE - CHEVALIERS DE LA TOISON D'OR, as they are called in French; 


And did you know that this used to be a strictly CATHOLIC order? So, unless they changed the rule, that should tell you something about the TRUE RELIGION of the CUSTODIAN OF THE HOLY MOSQUES. I bet you never thought of this, did you???

- and by the way, so is the Queen of England, also a vassal of the King of Spain, which might explain some of the kowtowing of Great Britain to the papacy , although strictly speaking, this is not a papal order. BUT, since KING JUAN CARLOS OF SPAIN IS THE SOVEREIGN, AND SINCE HE IS THE TEMPORAL POWER OF THE PAPACY, you can understand the PECKING ORDER OF THE WORLD...


So yes, I guess the King of Saudi Arabia received two phone calls from the King of Spain - and I can almost bet you that those PHONE CALLS were ORDERS from the King of Spain, who in turn received them from our dear friend of Rome, RAT -zinger!

Also to be noted that "OBAMA"" wants to convene " MADRID -LIKE TALKS" see below. This is also a very transparent stratagem. We know that Obama follows the papal model to the letter, so if you say "Obama", you can just as well say: the pope.


As then, so now. ROME IS REPEATING THE SAME PATTERN. Again, it will APPEAR AS THOUGH the Americans are organizing the conference, and of course you will see the very prominent participation of Saudi Arabia. And what about Russia? The LITTLE SISTER OF ROME will almost surely be a prominent member of the conference. But just remember who is who, who gives orders to whom, and then it all becomes extremely clear:


The pope will say all the right words:  LOVE, COMPASSION, JUSTICE, PEACE,  ad nauseam, ..... while the monarchs exercise a HEAVY HAND UPON ISRAEL.

Enough already: we can see through it. No more phony masks, no more stratagems, no more fronts; show us your true face, Benedict!

Actually, even if you REFUSE to show it to us, WE SEE IT ANYWAY. You cannot lie to us anymore, we know who you are.

And just a little footnote:

Do you remember Hillary's book," IT TAKES A VILLAGE"? I guess she internalized that lesson so well... so now, she thinks "IT TAKES A VILLAGE" to force little Israel to submit to her designs..



                                                          WORDS FROM AVRO MANHATTAN, AUTHOR OF THE VATICAN'S HOLOCAUST
                                                                                                by Barry Chamish 

      The papal visit to Israel was a bust
. Pres. Shimon Peres did not manage to wangle Vatican sovereignty over Jewish land. But the game never stops. Now using King Juan Carlos, the Vatican's official Custodian Of Jerusalem's Holy Places, a new game has been set in place. Obama was ordered to accept the initiative, but he has no personal objections either:
Q Mr. President, what's your message, sir, here?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: This is my first visit to Saudi Arabia, but I've had several conversations with His Majesty. And I've been struck by his wisdom and his graciousness. Obviously the United States and Saudi Arabia have a long history of friendship, we have a strategic relationship. And as I take this trip and we'll be visiting Cairo tomorrow, I thought it was very important to come to the place where Islam began and to seek His Majesty's counsel and to discuss with him many of the issues that we confront here in the Middle East.
The day King Abdullah meets Obama……….KJC sends 2 messages to King Abdullah.

Saudi Arabia: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Receives Two Messages From Spanish King, President of the Spanish Government

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received today two messages from Spanish King Juan Carlos and President of the Spanish Government Jose Luis Zapatero.

The government of Rodriguez Zapatero wants to leave as a legacy of his presidency of the EU a strong foundation on which to lay the foundations of a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority and, ultimately, the creation of a new state and the first step towards achieving that end will be a summit that the President will have with leaders of Arab countries involved in the peace process to be held next autumn In Cairo.

      Anyone interested in preserving Israel must watch every Vatican move. Their policy is the removal of Jews from their, Catholic, holy land. The one author who teaches this lesson better than anyone else is former British Intelligence officer, Avro Manhattan. His book, The Vatican's Holocaust, tells the gruesome tale of the Catholic takeover of Croatia in 1941, leading to the church today. It shows that the Vatican never gives up on its goal. It ignited a war against the Serbs in 1991 and got its independent Catholic Croatia back with the ghastly help of US and NATO troops.
     And what country was the first to recognize the new Croatia? None other than Germany, home to the Wermacht volunteer pope, Benediction the 16th, who has been fighting all year to have his Holocaust pope, Pius XII turned into a saint.
     But look who also supported Croatia. I wrote this at the time of the war against the Serbs:

Shall we recall that against all sentiments in the country, the Israeli government supported Croatia over the Serbs? It even sent Yossi Sarid to Sarajevo to assess the scene. He ran home crying when he found out that he could get hurt there.

I have an amazing arrangement with the publisher of THE VATICAN'S HOLOCAUST. My readers can get the book for free. Details follow the author's words, which speak for themselves. See you after the critique:

vii - During the existence of Croatia as an independent Catholic state, over 700,000 men, women and children perished. It's as if one third of the American people were exterminated by a Catholic militia. They were executed, tortured, died of starvation or were burned to death. Catholic padres ran the concentration camps and Catholic priests were officers of the military corps which committed such atrocities.

22-  The objective of the systematic crimes of murder, torture, pillage and wholesale massacre was nothing less than the total extermination of all non-Catholic elements in the new state.

35 - When the Nazis left Croatia, the Ustashi multiplied their atrocities based on the total elimination of the Orthodox Serbian population via forcible conversions, expulsion and straightforward massacres...To solve the problem, a policy directed at the swift elimination of the non-Catholic population was adopted and promptly set in motion.

38 - The "Pit Of Death" was reserved for those Serbs who challenged their convertors. The camp, run by the Franciscan Monk, Father Filipovic, equalled in horrors the Dachau Concentration Camp...The Ustashi ordered them to dig their own graves. This done, their hands were tied behind their backs and they were all pushed alive into their graves...There was a decision to cremate people alive by pushing them alive into the fire already alight there.

45 - Italian soldiers took pictures of the Ustashi wearing two "necklaces." One was a string of cut-out eyes, the other of torn tongues of murdered Serbs...Bets were made as to who could liquidate the largest number of inmates. Franciscan Peter Brzica cut the throats of 1360 prisoners with a butcher's knife. He was elected King of the Cut-throats.

62 - The massacres were often carried out by Catholic priests claiming to be followers of Christ and representatives of a Church trumpeting to the four winds that she preached universal love.

87 - Father Srecko Peric advocated mass murder with the following words: "Kill all Serbs. First of all, kill my sister who is married to a Serb and then all Serbs. When you finish come back to the church and I will confess you and free you from sin."


33 - The Ministry of the Interior issued the following decree: "All Jews and Serbs residing in Zagreb must leave the town within 12 hours. Any citizen found to have given the shelter will be immediately executed on the spot.

57 - The Catholic Press was especially skilful in sowing the seeds or religious hatred towards and Serbs, racial hatred towards the Jews, and hatred for Yugoslavia.

88 - At least 850,000 citizens of Yugoslavia, including, 30,000 Jews perished.

52 -  To mention only two: Luke Avramovitch, former Member of Parliament, and his son, were both crucified and then burnt in their own home in Mliniste.


31 - Pope Pius XII solemnly blessed the whole Ustashi delegation. ..They were, above all, the representatives of the newly born Independent Catholic State of Croatia, a political creature ruthlessly promoted by that most malign of all its conceivers, the Vatican.

95 - The Vatican was well informed of what was going on inside Ustashi Croatia. Not only because the Catholic Hierarchy sent the Pope regular reports, but because the Pope had his own personal representative there, Mgr. Marcone. In fact, he was the spokesman not only of the Croatian Hierarchy but equally of Pope Pius XII...He knew of the atrocities and horrors taking place. He was aware of the wholehearted participation of the clergy in the wholesale massacre of thousands of Orthodox Serbs. All these things he faithfully reported to Pope Pius XII.

119 - Pope Pius XII, therefore, let the horror in sealed Croatia takes its course to the very end.

128 - After Archbishop Stepinac received 16 years imprisonment, Pope Pius XII ordered the excommunication of all those who had taken part in the trial. All received a solemn Catholic guarantee of eternal damnation in genuine Catholic brimstone and inextinguishable internal fire.


63 - The official policy of the Catholic Church had promoted the horrors which soaked the historical land of Croatia into a sea of blood.

88 - Indeed, it was the premeditated policy of the Catholic Hierarchy acting on behalf of its true inspirer, the Vatican...For the mass murderers carried out by individuals appareled in clerical garb truly were instigated from the archiepiscopal palaces of the Catholic Hierarchy...Not a single member of their clergy was ever called to account by them. Not a single priest was ever punished, suspended or unfrocked by them.

vi - They are the most damning proof that the Catholic Church, notwithstanding all her alleged liberalization, fraternization and up-to-dateness, basically, has not changed an iota.




Report: Obama Wants to Convene Madrid-Style Talks

Sivan 17, 5769, 09 June 09 09:07

 United States President Barack Obama intends to hold an international conference on peace for the Mideast region, according to a Tuesday night report by Channel 10 political analyst Raviv Drucker. The conference would be modeled after the Madrid Conference which followed the first Gulf War.

Participating would be Israel, the Palestinian Authority and sovereign Arab states in the area, whether or not they have diplomatic relations with Israel. Drucker says Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu might agree to participate in the Obama conference, as he did in Madrid as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office under Yitzchak Shamir.

Order of the Golden Fleece

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece
Philip III, Duke of Burgundy, with the collar of the Order

The Order of the Golden Fleece (French: Ordre de la Toison d'Or) (Spanish: Orden del Toisón de Oro) is an order of chivalry founded in 1430 by Duke Philip III of Burgundy to celebrate his marriage to the Portuguese princess Isabel of Aviz......


The Order of the Golden Fleece was modeled on the English Order of the Garter, but dedicated to Saint Andrew. Philip had been elected to membership of the Garter in 1422, but had declined to avoid offending the king of France. Like the Garter it was restricted to a limited number of knights, initially 24 but increased to 30 in 1433 and 50 in 1516—plus the sovereign. It received further privileges unusual to any order of knighthood: the sovereign undertook to consult the order before going to war; all disputes between the knights were to be settled by the order; at each chapter the deeds of each knight were held in review, and punishments and admonitions were dealt out to offenders, and to this the sovereign was expressly subject; the knights could claim as of right to be tried by their fellows on charges of rebellion, heresy and treason, and Charles V conferred on the order exclusive jurisdiction over all crimes committed by the knights; the arrest of the offender had to be by warrant signed by at least six knights, and during the process of charge and trial he remained not in prison but in the gentle custody of his fellow knights. The order was explicitly denied to "heretics", and so became an exclusively Catholic award during the Reformation, though the choice of the pagan Golden Fleece of Colchis as the symbol of a Christian order caused some controversy.

The badge of the Order, in the form of a sheepskin, was suspended from a jewelled collar of firesteels in the shape of the letter B, for Burgundy, linked by flints; with the motto "Pretium Laborum Non Vile" ("Not a bad reward for labour") engraved on the front of the central link, and Philip's motto "Non Aliud" ("I will have no other") on the back (non-royal knights of the Golden Fleece were forbidden to belong to any other order of knighthood).

With the absorption of the Burgundian lands into the Habsburg empire, the sovereignty of the Order passed to the Habsburg kings of Spain, where it remained until the death of the last of the Spanish Habsburgs, Charles II, in 1700. He was succeeded as king by Philip of Anjou, a Bourbon. There followed a dispute between the Houses of Habsburg and Bourbon over the Golden Fleece, which resulted in the division of the Order into Spanish and Austrian branches. In either case the sovereign, as Duke of Burgundy, writes the letter of appointment in French.

The Spanish Order

The Duke of Wellington wearing the Spanish Fleece
Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria as Grand Master of the Fleece

Sovereignty remained with the head of the Spanish house of Bourbon during the republican (1931-39) and Francoist (1939-1975) periods and is held today by the present king of Spain, Juan Carlos.

[ Members of the Order

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