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Friday, February 6, 2009

Very interesting statistics about Muslims killed by ?.......

Thank you, Eric Phelps.


Staggering Statistics on Muslims Killing Muslims

Posted on October 9, 2007


ACT has posted a set of statistics that demonstrates in the real violence against Muslims, it is not Jews, Christians or even America that is leading the pack in Muslim Genocide, but rather other Muslims. These numbers (almost 10 million killed by other Muslims) defy rationality and surely anyone with half a brain can see where the real problem lies. Islam may or may not be a peaceful religion, but the people who dominate the religion and are the face that the world sees as representation of the religion, surely are far from peaceful.


"some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities.


In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims."



Conflicts since 1950 with over 10,000 Fatalities*


1.       40,000,000 Red China, 1949-76

2.       10,000,000 Soviet Bloc: late Stalinism, 1950-53; post-Stalinism, to 1987

3.       4,000,000 Ethiopia, 1962-92

4.       3,800,000 Zaire (Congo-Kinshasa): 1967-68; 1977-78; 1992-95; 1998-present

5.       2,800,000 Korean war, 1950-53

6.       1,900,000 Sudan, 1955-72; 1983-2006 (civil wars, genocides)

7.       1,870,000 Cambodia: Khmer Rouge 1975-79; civil war 1978-91

8.       1,800,000 Vietnam War, 1954-75

9.       1,800,000 Afghanistan: Soviet and internecine killings, Taliban 1980-2001

10.   1,250,000 West Pakistan massacres in East Pakistan (Bangladesh 1971)

11.   1,100,000 Nigeria, 1966-79 (Biafra); 1993-present

12.   1,100,000 Mozambique, 1964-70 (30,000) + after retreat of Portugal 1976-92

13.   1,000,000 Iran-Iraq-War, 1980-88

14.   900,000 Rwanda genocide, 1994

15.   875,000 Algeria: against France 1954-62 (675,000); between Islamists and the government 1991-2006 (200,000)

16.   850,000 Uganda, 1971-79; 1981-85; 1994-present

17.   650,000 Indonesia: Marxists 1965-66 (450,000); East Timor, Papua, Aceh etc, 1969-present (200,000)

18.   580,000 Angola: war against Portugal 1961-72 (80,000); after Portugal's retreat (1972-2002)

19.   500,000 Brazil against its Indians, up to 1999

20.   430,000 Vietnam, after the war ended in 1975 (own people; boat refugees)

21.   400,000 Indochina: against France, 1945-54

22.   400,000 Burundi, 1959-present (Tutsi/Hutu)

23.   400,000 Somalia, 1991-present

24.   400,000 North Korea up to 2006 (own people)

25.   300,000 Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, 1980s-1990s

26.   300,000 Iraq, 1970-2003 (Saddam against minorities)

27.   240,000 Columbia, 1946-58; 1964-present

28.   200,000 Yugoslavia, Tito regime, 1944-80

29.   200,000 Guatemala, 1960-96

30.   190,000 Laos, 1975-90

31.   175,000 Serbia against Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, 1991-1999

32.   150,000 Romania, 1949-99 (own people)

33.   150,000 Liberia, 1989-97

34.   140,000 Russia against Chechnya, 1994-present

35.   150,000 Lebanon civil war, 1975-90

36.   140,000 Kuwait War, 1990-91

37.   130,000 Philippines: 1946-54 (10,000); 1972-present (120,000)

38.   130,000 Burma/Myanmar, 1948-present

39.   100,000 North Yemen, 1962-70

40.   100,000 Sierra Leone, 1991-present

41.   100,000 Albania, 1945-91 (own people)

42.   80,000 Iran, 1978-79 (revolution)

43.   75,000 Iraq, 2003-present (domestic)

44.   75,000 El Salvador, 1975-92

45.   70,000 Eritrea against Ethiopia, 1998-2000

46.   68,000 Sri Lanka, 1997-present

47.   60,000 Zimbabwe, 1966-79; 1980-present

48.   60,000 Nicaragua, 1972-91 (Marxists/natives etc,)

49.  51,000 Arab-Israeli conflict 1950-present

50.   50,000 North Vietnam, 1954-75 (own people)

51.   50,000 Tajikistan, 1992-96 (secularists against Islamists)

52.   50,000 Equatorial Guinea, 1969-79

53.   50,000 Peru, 1980-2000

54.   50,000 Guinea, 1958-84

55.   40,000 Chad, 1982-90

56.   30,000 Bulgaria, 1948-89 (own people)

57.   30,000 Rhodesia, 1972-79

58.   30,000 Argentina, 1976-83 (own people)

59.   27,000 Hungary, 1948-89 (own people)

60.   26,000 Kashmir independence, 1989-present

61.   25,000 Jordan government vs. Palestinians, 1970-71 (Black September)

62.   22,000 Poland, 1948-89 (own people)

63.   20,000 Syria, 1982 (against Islamists in Hama)

64.   20,000 Chinese-Vietnamese war, 1979

65.   19,000 Morocco: war against France, 1953-56 (3,000) and in Western Sahara, 1975-present (16,000)

66.   18,000 Congo Republic, 1997-99

67.   10,000 South Yemen, 1986 (civil war)

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lpcyusa said...

Monday, April 20, 2009
Robert Latham at New School Allowed Ethnic Albanian To Condone Genocide Against

Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo Posted 3/2/2009 2:37 PM EST

Robert Latham at New School Allowed Ethnic Albanian To Condone Genocide Against

Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo
Posted 3/2/2009 2:37 PM EST

I couldn’t get the link right so read the scoop here -> Robert Latham at New School
Miss Jill Louis Star wrote:
/>> > Dear Friends: I have told this factual autobiographical account prior. However, this
was during the height of NATO’s illegal war launched against Jugoslavija so I am unsure

if this
e-mail ever reached the entire audience for which it was intended. Hence, I am re-sending

a brief
account of whereby one United States University in New York City assisted Bill Clinton

Tony Blair in plotting, orchestrating, launching and perpetuating Albanian-KLA

Nationalism and
ethnic genocide directed against the Orthodox Christian Serbs in Kosovo. (See

Attachment for
formal proof).
/>> >
/>> > I. It was in the Fall of 1997, my first semester in graduate school at the New School

Social Research when I noticed the bulletin on the wall that announced the Albanian Pro

Nationalist Fatmos Ljubonia was going to give a lecture on Albanian Nationalism at the

School for Social Research in NYC (5th and 14th Streets in Wolffe Conference Room

floor). This lecture was undoubtedly funded by the USIP and the WPI (the World Policy

resides on the fourth floor of the schools location).
/>> >
/>> > II. Evidently, this particular lecture sparked my interest like none other owing to

my serious
commitment in following the various political & international trends regarding the

Kosovo / Serbia
& Bosnia wars and what would occur next. Therefore I made it my business to sit in on

/>> >
/>> > III. At that time, primarily the students attending this lecture and (it was a full

house) were
from parts of the world (like Asia) who knew nothing about Serbia and Kosovo. So they

very interested to hear what Fatmos Ljubonia had to say about the plight of the ethnic

in Kosovo. There were only two graduate students who really knew what was going on in
Kosovo at that time between the Albanians and the Serbs. (me and this Albanian student).

I sat
in for about 1 and 1/2 hours taking notes and listening. Then I left. Here is a short and

description of the lecture.
/>> >
/>> > IV. Primarily Fatmos at first attempted to elicit as much sympathy as humanly

possible from
the New School graduate students. He began the lecture by explaining that the Serbian
government had imprisoned him for 20 years. and treated him in an inhumane manner.

He did not
explain why to us.
/>> >
/>> > V. He quickly then shifted (to be blunt)–he spent the rest of his lecture lying to the
(students) about the current situation in Kosovo. He supplied lies as answers to the

questions about Serbia, Albania and Kosovo and Fatmos completely bad-mouthed the

government blaming it, for myriad human right violations not only committed against him

(as he
claimed) but also against him all ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.
/>> >
/>> > VI. He completely this question and answer session quite pleased with himself since

of my classmates later indicated to me that they were shocked to hear about the

conditions under
which Fatmos claimed the ethnic Albanians were living under in Kosovo. I knew the man

was a
filthy liar but I could not say anything at the time. So he lied lied and he lied more!
/>> >
/>> > VI. As I said I left early but I will never forget his phrase stating: “I, Fatmos

Ljubonia, have
come to the New School for Social Research to ask you, The New School students, to

give me,
Fatmos Ljubonia, new creative nationalist ideas to PROMOTE AND TO CONSTRUCT

/>> >
/>> > VII. Now there were a hell of a lot of New School faculty members also present

knew the truth about what really was going on between Serbia, the Western liberal think

tanks at
the New School for Social Research and their king, Bill Clinton regarding Kosovo.

evidently these were the same political science professors such as David PLotke who

tossed me out of graduate school only three weeks prior my anticipated MA graduation

date on
April 22 1999 at knife point (we all know about my Civil Rights Case against the school
/>> >
/>> > VIII. I, Jill Starr have always stood up for the right political and social group, the

Serbs of
course. For it was not the Serbian authorities fault that NATO members and their

politicians with a guilty as hell mens rea instigated and escalated the present ethnic

and genocide now occurring in Kosovo today!
/>> >
/>> > XV. For this reason it does not surprise me that the semester before I was tossed

out of
school by POL SCI DEPT. CHAIR David Plotke, during my classes with the renown

Latham (from the SSRC in NYC) no one did anything when my Albanian classmate stated

front of many UN Diplomats that he 100% promoted “ethnic genocide against the

Christian Serbs in Kosovo!” Of course I reported the incident to both my human rights

Adamantia Polllis and also the Dept. Chair David Plotke, yet neither of them did a damn

What they did do is allow my Albanian classmate to continue going to school and

graduate while
they decided to throw me out of school and ruin my life to the best of their corrupt

/>> >
/>> > X. The Albanian classmate of mine even said to me in front of Robert Latham’s

entire class
(FALL 1998) this to me when I said I’d like to see a copy of his paper which he said is

written to
promote ethnic genocide against Orthodox Christian Serbs in Kosovo this— />”Jill, you

surely die before you ever see my term paper!” The New School faculty threw me out and

the genocidal Albanian on April 22 1999! See attachments!
/>> >
/>> > PS: I’d like to give some lectures describing this experience in America to my

friends in
Serbia. David PLotke even came towards me with a swiss army knife!
/>> >
/>> > Respectfully,
/>> > Miss Jill Louise Starr USA
/>> > PO BOX 635
/>> > Newfoundland NJ 07435 USA
/>> > (973) 208-8372

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