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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re: IGNORE THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL: I guess it is going to be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff here. What's true, what's untrue??

SHmuel had this to say. This is a very good answer, borne out of bitter experience. Young folks out there, you listen now, you hear???

Since I do not have the time, means or doubts, I at least consider the probability of such procedures being possible because... IT DID HAPPEN BEFORE to us and others. We now hear loud and clear their intention to send us into the nuclear fire, into ovens and the like and I for one take those threats at face value. Others can do as they please of course and I wish them luck if caught unprepared. While I do that may I remind everyone that it is mandatory injunction for Jews to pre empt murder to take place.
Now... For the record several of those I define as unJews informed the media that they would not oppose murdering Jews, in fact several of them promoted the idea.
On record are 4 former heads of the secret police and its "Jewish Sektion".  Openheimer, several of those writing for "ha'aretz", and if my memory does not fail me even Sneh hinted at that.
Can it happen in Israel?  Well... I do not know who of you have seen the "yassam" and "Gilboa" beasts herding Jews into trucks, brutal detention centers or into hospitals. Not for a moment I doubt that given half a chance they will also mass murder. Can I afford to take a chance?  NO WAY! 
I remember Amona... and I have seen them in "action" in Karmiel as well.
Pinochet and the Juntas made a good effort to promote the idea bagging tens of thousands of people into unmarked burial places or into the Ocean.  It did happen in the Balkans, Africa in several locations... causing us not to be able to eat Nile perch for several months.
Only nuts will forget lovely Cambodia. 
In the USA, and I am a US Citizen proud of it, given the probability that throwing trillions to the wind will not stop the spiral, the probability of severe dangers to Jews exist.
The Holocaust not by chance has been removed as a school subject in several countries.
It is up each of us to make value judgments and then live or die by that.

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