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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re: IGNORE THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL: I guess it is going to be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff here. What's true, what's untrue??

 I guess it is going to be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff here. What's true, what's untrue??  On one hand, we don't want to be naive, and believe everything we read.

On the other hand, to ignore true threats is very foolish. We saw the results of just such easy dismissals of warnings  during WWII: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DEAD!

So how can we distinguish between fact and fantasy here? Who has rock solid data? Who has EVIDENCE, and not just HEARSAY??


Zerach exclaimed:


Barry answered:

Don't believe the concentration camp nonsense. Never wrote a word on it. Barry

Zerach asked
Do you have addresses or GPS locations?

DS replied:
Write to Barry, I am sure he can send you what you are asking for


Zerach said:

Get me GPS locations and photos and I"ll believe you.

Israel is a small place.

The US I believe.


E.T. wrote:

Daisy, do you really believe all this BS............concentrate on Israeli-Jewish issues of the west-bank (where you are an expert) !... just a friendly-suggestion...........
...LOL,   ET

to which DS replied:

Not all of it. But did you check the interviews with Oliver North, etc? Watch it all, and THEN decide.

and nik said:

i know this is true... the nazis rule the world... only ones who don't know it are those who accept the mainline historical account of ww2 and its aftermath... read francisco gil-white for example on what happened to all the nazis or better yet... see unholy trinity by mark aarons and john loftus... educate yourselves... there are concentrations already up and running with political dissidents already there for years now... and they are located on american soil... in alaska... new mex... ariz... and in other locals... check it out on-line... just type in concentration camps... nik. out...


nik added:

concentration camps and underground cities exist in israel and america... so this is a jewish and israeli issue... barry almost got fried when he went around exposing this in israel... this is why he had to leave and does not touch the subject much anymore... nik.out...

  Barry retorted:

No. The authorities didn't like me sniffing at Sharon's deliberate demise.

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