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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is what happens when you let muslims take over a part of the country. Watch out with Uhm el Fahm, France, Holland, England... and now Sweden. JEWS, IF YOU THINK YOU ARE SAFE IN EUROPE, THINK AGAIN!

New video at YouTube,

Islamists Attack Jews in Protest in Sweden

Shevat 17, 5769, 11 February 09 10:44

( Islamists reached new heights of audacity in a face-off with pro-Israel demonstrators in Malmö, Sweden on Sunday, firing rockets and throwing pipe bombs at the pro-Israel group in broad daylight and under police's noses. No one was hurt. The incident was videotaped by Swedish blogger Ted Ekeroth, whose blog contains videos showing the attack.

Between 400 and 500 people gathered in Stortorget Square for a peaceful pro-Israeli protest. The police sealed off the entire square and only allowed in the protesters, as well as a smaller group of Islamists, and separated the two groups from each other.

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( April 2007)

Malmö, Sweden has won notoriety in recent years for being an Islamic enclave within the country, into which police, firefighters and emergency personnel only venture at the sufferance of the local Muslim authorities.

Tonight, Jihad Watch reader Elias has alerted me to the fact that Muslims are rioting there. Here is a story in Swedish, and more

. Demonstrations in Sweden; also, read the text. Worth it, quite scary.

Translated version of

YouTube - T regass mot demonstranter - stlandssendingen - NRK Nyheter

Demonstration mot Israel i Malmö 090109 Part 1 - AOL Video


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