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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Re: Tsir Tsion in Kiryat Arba - Hevron, the release of terrorists, etc.....

SHmuel said:

I hope you have time to use the water before the hammer comes down.
The Netanyahu moves indicate that he will drop not just Feiglin but all other Jewish groups/parties, this of course is as we expected.
Unless if he a master of political intrigue, all appear to be going that way.
I despair of Jews waking up in time so we only wait to see what the unJews will do in a couple of weeks as Livni-Netanyahu-Barak and Peres finish the job.
I wish I was wrong but it surely looks like that.

but bill thinks otherwise:

HE said:

The month of Adar is coming.
All the plans of our enemies will be turned against them, just as they were in the time of Haman.

DS asks:

Well, doesn't that depend on our Teshuvah? Of the whole nation?

Last Thursday there was something beautiful at the Kotel, ( Rabbi Leon Levi,Tikkun Hatsot, etc), and the RAIN came in torrents.

But IS THAT ENOUGH? Will we deserve to be saved this year, or not?? That is the million dollar question.

Humans sure do everything in their power to hurt us, and hurt us big. The DEATH CAMP wants a DEATH CAMP for us. Will they succeed? It's G-d against the Evil One, the Evil One against G-d. Who will win? Yaakov fighting Esav and his angel, and AM Yisrael fighting Amalek , or rather, NOT fighting Amalek, to our great sorrow.



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