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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Re:OUTRAGE! JESUIT COADJUTOR SOCIALITE , WHO DONATED TO CHRIST THE KING HIGH a HUGE FRAUD, MUCH BIGGER THAN MADOFF(and by the way, that school is also fraudulent, it seems!) Read interesting info below.

This is what Eric Phelps, author of Vatican's Assassins, and Jesuit specialist had to say:

"Christ the King" is a Jesuit phrase from "In Christo Rege," a salutation the Jesuits commonly use.
Brother Eric

DS asked:

So does that mean he is a catholic, or at least a Jesuit coadjutor, as you call them?  Again, I am NOT trying to hurt or embarrass any of our good Christian friends, I am trying to make a point. I was looking for information about his religion, couldn't find any, this is the only religious reference I found.

Eric Phelps replied:

I would say he is another Jesuit coadjutor.

DS comments:

Very interesting. Now please read what Eric had to say about Madoff, below. If he is correct, then the picture is starting to get quite clear.

A. The Jesuits incite against the Jews, using the Jew, Madoff, as a pawn , by blaming JEWS for the financial collapse of America and the world.

B. Meanwhile,
ONE OF THEIR VERY OWN,  R. Allen STANFORD, is guilty of an even bigger and similar crime
. But by now, the world is already incensed about Madoff the Jew and about all  Jews, so people BARELY NOTICE this newest scandal. The world has been DESENSITIZED to the shock, and has already accepted the TRUISM that JEWS are to blame for the collapse.( After all, they have already been conditioned by 2000 years of Catholic antisemitism to think that way, so it comes easy). The Jews have been forced to absorb the terrible anger and outrage that should be directed at the JESUITS!.

And by the way, the crimes of the Federal Reserve DWARF even this

This is exactly what you call being a SCAPEGOAT. The Jew has, once more, been made to be the scapegoat for the crimes of the Catholics.

Dear (DS),
...  Every criminal should first be known by his religion, then his race and then his nationality.  Then we could do some really helpful profiling in order to keep these savages out---or kill these savages out---of our nations.
You must also know that Madoff is a contract agent for the CIA.  He has worked for the agency for years and his relationship with the CIA-directed SEC makes this obvious.  For the SEC like the CIA (SMOM Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic Leon Panetta is now the new director of the CIA with intimate connections with the Jesuits of Santa Clara University) are both controlled by the Archbishop of New York City through his American branch of the Knights of Malta.
Madoff's secret purpose was to incite anti-Jewish, Gentile fury across North America while financially breaking tens of thousands of American Jews who invested with Jewish Jesuit Coadjutor Madoff.  This is the same purpose that CFR-member Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers fulfilled.  Fuld was on the board of directors of the pope's Federal Reserve Bank of New York City which means that he secretly worked with that bank president at the time, Timothy Geithner, now the Secretary of Treasury.  If you remember, according to Wall Street mogul Jim Cramer, Geithner refused to put up a $65 billion guarantee for Fuld's Lehman Brothers which resulted in over $1 trillion loss to the market.  This was not a mistake; Geithner's refusal was deliberate, and Fuld's acquiescence was willing, as both were under orders from their master at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Powerhouse of New York.  I contacted Fuld's office and requested an interview in order to inform him that he had been framed by the Knights of Malta ruling the Fed.  But he refused to talk with me.  Thus, my conclusion is that he is a co-conspirator in the market crash and ruination of Lehman.


Brother Eric

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