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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Follow-up on yesterday: I am so proud of myself; in one rain alone , about 25 gallons of water saved; and that was only a small shower. Let's see, what did I do with that water?

I used it to FERTILIZE:

3 cherry trees,

2 walnut trees,

2 pomegranate trees,

2 apricot trees,

2 fig trees,

2 blueberry bushes.

2 bramble bushes ( blackberry)

2 loquat trees ( shesek)

1 passionfruit tree

1 pomelo tree,

1 kumquat tree,

1 bitter orange tree

1 grapevine

a number of freshly planted strawberry shoots

.... isn' t it nice? Thanks to G-d's DIRECT gift of water - NO MEKOROT HERE - B"H, in a few months, we will have a nice crop to enjoy, and to share with so many people. I just love it. Thank you, G-d!

All it took was a few empty plastic vats. And there is an even greater storm coming our way: with that collected rain,B"H,  I'll fertilize all the evergreens, the sequoias, the cedars, the cypresses,  the arocaria, the plane trees, the oak trees, the olive trees, the rest of the grapevines, the almond trees, the two carob trees, the mulberry trees, the trees whose names I don't know.. and if there is water left, then it will be the turn of the 30+ rose bushes, the carnations, the irises, the geraniums, the pansies, all the myriad of flowers growing here, the trees still in their pots, and the cuttings and seeds rooting right now.. the grass will be last.

Such bounty from heaven! YOU CAN DO IT TOO! All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity, a little plot of dirt or some pots, and here we go ( and by the way, a lot of these plants were raised from cuttings or from seed!)

Just a sample attached.


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