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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Re: E. Winston awakens to the New World Order; better late than never! And thank you for the scholarly research and important links. So maybe now nonbelievers can start believing?

DS comments:

And since the Nazis were AMALEK, as expounded by Talmidei Chachamim, that makes the CIA and the STATE DEPARTMENT - and now OBAMA  -, and any individual who does their dirty work, AMALEKITES as well.

And in honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, we all know what WE ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH AMALEK: IT IS A DIRECT COMMAND FROM G-D TO OUR JEWISH LEADERS. ARE OUR JEWISH LEADERS FULFILLING THE MITZVAH, OR ARE THEY BEING CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT IN FULFILLING IT?  We know the answer. And if THEY are being negligent, is it not incumbent upon us to fulfill it?

And what happens if JEWS work for AMALEK: does that make them Amalekites as well? What should be their fate, from a Torah perspective? ( e.g. Peres, Olmert, Livni, Barak, etc).


 Yaacov ( Jack) wrote:

In fact, the Dulles brothers served and protected their Nazi clients throughout the war and then packed the CIA and the State Department with their agents after the war. Tens of thousands of Nazi police, intelligence and military officers were recruited into the CIA and the State Department and the Dulles brothers insinuated them into every intelligence service and every foreign office in NATO. The National Security Act of 1947, which created the CIA, authorized the CIA to operate in complete secrecy, with no Congressional oversight. Congress cannot even find out what the CIA's budget is. It reports to the President alone and his life is in their hands. This is all conveniently laid out by Prof. Francisco Gil-White at


The Praetorian Guard was the Secret Service in the Roman Empire which took over complete power. Caesar became a figurehead fronting for them, which became clear when Claudius went to the commanders of the Praetorian Guard and swore his total obedience to them if they would make him Caesar, which they did. The CIA is a classic Praetorian Guard. Germany lost the war but the Dulles brothers gave the victory to the Nazis. Today's CIA and State Department are the third generation of officials hand picked and mentored first by Dulles' Nazis and then by their hand picked and mentored successors. They are not "Arabists." They are Nazis. The Arabs are only their tools and confederates, the ones available and eager to do the job. In fact, there is little practical difference between Nazi rule and Islamic rule. The verbal formulae are very different and so are the peculiar ceremonies. But they are both death cults and governance is very much the same and their goals are the same. If you suspect that the Roadmap ends (off the map) at Auschwitz "B," there is a reason for that.


And by the way, among Nixon's "heritage groups," there never was a Jewish heritage group and there never was a Black heritage group.


Ya'akov Golbert


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