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Monday, February 23, 2009

If you followed the news today, you will have read that New York has a new Archbishop, Timothy Dolan. I asked Eric Phelps what he thinks of this new appointment, and also tried to make my own opinion. Please read below, bottom to top.

DS adds:

I tried to access catholic sources, to see how his coreligionists, and particularly the JESUITS , view him. The Jesuits are clearly delighted with this choice.

After reviewing several articles about this new Archbishop of New York, the new "American Pope"- read the articles below for an explanation of the term -,  I  tend to concur with E. Phelps ( despite my overall ignorance of the matter) : see the highlighted sentence for example: this guy obviously looks at Vatican II as something that history will view as a temporary aberration. I guess he fits just fine with the Inquisitional slant of the Pope and his various cronies, a la Williamson, Pius X society, Opus Dei, etc.

Don't forget that the Archbishop of New York is an extremely important position in the Catholic Church. So to have somebody like this filling it does not bode well for Catholic-Jewish relations.

So despite his jovial persona, this Dolan is going to be problematic. The question is WHEN his true colors will start to show. We saw that with Obama: all it took was less than a month, and already we see the monster beginning to take shape beneath the glitter. With this Dolan, how long will it be before the monster appears underneath the jocular mask? Take a good look at his pig face, he doesn't look like a very sympathetic character, I must say.


..."A church historian, he also tends to take the long view in regard to any crisis facing the church.

After the French Revolution in the 18th century, the church was "in shambles," he noted in the same interview. "Many people thought the visible church, as we know it, could never survive. And of course it did."

Some might say the same of the U.S. church today, Archbishop Dolan added. But "we're still in the postconciliar period, the period after the Second Vatican Council, which was an epic event in the life of the church. We're still in that -- from the point of view of history, 35 years is like a drop in the bucket."

Eric Phelps clarifies:

We are entering phase II of the Order's establishing a fascist military dictatorship with an external crusade to fight and an interal Gestapo to round up the enemies of the state including all Jews.
This fanatical Irishman will be just like his brother Irish Cardinal American Pope, Cardinal Spellman.  Orthodox Conservative means he is totally devoted to the Council of Trent.  He is against the changes made in Vatican II and will resort to pre-1963 open persecution of "heretics and liberals."  This includes the "perfidious" Jews.
Brother Eric

DS persists:

Why do you say that, and how is he different from Cardinal Egan? Why the change now, how is this changing anything? Do you understand the bottom line reason  why the change was necessary for the pope? All it says here is that Dolan is an ORTHODOX  CONSERVATIVE Catholic.


Eric Phelps, author of "the Vatican's Assassins, replies:
Dolan will be just like Hitler's Archbishop of Munich, Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber---the master behind the Nazi party, the Bavarian SS, Himmler and Dachau just outside of Munich.
Brother Eric

DS asks: Brother Eric and Carl, what do you think of this new appointment? He seems pretty bland, although highly praised by the Jesuits ( America Magazine) . Thanks, DS

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