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Friday, February 6, 2009

Re: Revealing addenda about the pope, the NEW Inquisition, and Israel's relationship to him, and to it; true, the RABBIS have cut their ties to the Vatican; but what about the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT? REMEMBER AMALEK: That is the ONLY way we should go!

Nik writes:

what do y ou mean by "an enemy that acts like amalek..."? THEY ARE AMALEK!!! esav is edom... edom is rome... rome became the catholic church... and amalek was the grandson of esav and thus an important factor in esav's world order... haman descended from king agag the last remnant left standing from shaul's failed attempt to eradicate them as per Hashem's commandment... and he, haman, became for a time shortly after this botched effort the power behind the throne of the then world-conquering persian empire... and he was almost successful in wiping us all out!!! but for the nes (miracle) of Hashem at that time and place in history and we wouldn't be here today...
but do you think haman's surviving descendants and fellow amalekites gave up after the fall of hamna...? not on your life... they picked themselves up... dusted themselves off... and went right back to the drawing board endeavoring to do us all in G-d forbid... and they have never stoppped trying to devise the plan to do it... in fact the vatican (rome ~ amalek) is fresh off of their most successful go-round with us in history with the shoah... and now in the aftermath with their creating and running global muslim terrorism...
go check out and read there what the vatican did to help create the plo via nazi-bastard fleerers from justice after the war... i'm shocked that you all don't know who and what the church really is... AMALEK in the flesh!!! the gemora megillah answers the question of where is amalek now... way back in talmudic times in bavel with this succinct response... "amalek today (back then) is to be found in germania shel edom..." (germania pronounced with a hard 'g')... nothing has changed... the catholic church in germany IS amalek... plain and simple...   mosh. out...

DS replies:


But I think a lot of people got confused, me included, because Rome is Edom, And even though they are related ( Esav is the grandfather of Amalek), the are not identical.Thanks for the info on the germania shel Edom.

To give you an example:

My uncle, HY"D, was a rabbi and a Talmid Chacham in Hungary. My grandfather, Z"L was the VERY BEST YESHIVA BOCHUR OF THE YESHIVA OF BRODY. MY father and all his brothers were Torah observant Jews who learned Torah regularly. My other uncle, a brother of my father, was the head of the Orthodox community of Budapest during WWII.

Why do I give you this background? Here you have a family of Talmidei Chachamim, and yet, when the time came to deal with the Nazis, they used THE ESAV MODEL, as taught by Chazal, when dealing with the powers that be, i.e. the Nazis: dividing the camp,  bribery, gifts, prayer... (except I think they forgot the last item: WAR!).

At any rate, since DEALING WITH AMALEK IS SO DIFFERENT FROM DEALING WITH ESAV - WITH AMALEK, THERE IS NO QUESTION, YOU JUST KILL HIM WITHOUT HESITATION, I am asking you, how come they didn't recognize the AMALEKITE in the Nazis? How come they assumed they were dealing with Esav?

After all, all the well-meaning rabbis who go to all these Vatican conferences, hoping to mollify the church, should also know this Gemora. How come they don't?
I think THIS is the big mistake that the Jews made during the Shoah: they misjudged the enemy, thinking he was ESAV when in fact he was AMALEK, and that is how they were all exterminated. We cannot afford to make this same mistake twice.

But I think the Talmud is at fault, here, for not identifying Rome clearly and unequivocally. How many times do you hear being said: Rome is Edom, is Esav?? The Galut of Edom... Who on earth says; The galut of Amalek? Have you EVER HEARD THAT? And yet, here we are, and Edom has MORPHED, ONCE MORE, into Amalek, How do you explain that?

Even my blog's intent is faulty: I should not be thinking of defeating Esav, but AMALEK. In our generation, today, THAT is the problem, not Esav!



While bill protested:


While Carl said:

That's a very weak comparison,( DS).  The Vatican would be more on the scale of Nebachudnezzar with his Babylonian Empire seeking to take Israel captive.  Amalek was just one of Israel's many enemies.  The Palestinians could be more compared to Amalek, while the Palestinians are just tools in the hands of the Vatican (Nebachudnezzar).

DS replies:

Carl, I cannot fault you for not knowing this, but in Judaism we have a very clear concept of who Amalek is and was: he is the EMBODIMENT OF EVIL ( I guess you would call it Satan in your religion), and he therefore has to be COMPLETELY ERADICATED FROM THIS EARTH, so that G-d's true light can shine in the world. As long as Amalek exists, the world cannot be perfect.
Please correct me, scholars, if I am explaining this wrong. Thank

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